Crew2 wheel for a CSW v2.5

Hello everyone I recently Bought the Forza Motorsport Club Sport package. Now it all works awesomely But for when I play The Crew2, there is always a pull to the left anyways Ubi Soft told me that the wheel isn't supported. If so which wheels will work with my CSW v2.5. Hoping some one can help narrow it down, I am Disabled and can't just drop that kind of money if not sure.  Hoping I don't have to buy new wheel and base to be able play the game Because I bought the CSW for the better quality hoping this thing lasts 10+ yrs 

I see on Utube other players using CSW v2 with the Uni Hubs playing The Crew2. It is a huge bummer because The Crew2 and FH3n4  are the main reason Ibought the whole wheel setup. 

Ok Firmware PC  driver 328
  Wheel Base Firmware 628
 Wheel Base Motor Firmware 18

CSW Base v2.5 
CSW v3 peddles
CSW Uni Hub v2 
CSW HandBrake 1.5
CSW Shifter V1.5

ok not sure what else to say but Thank You for your time, effort, and Your info if you so choose
Wishing ya all a Great Day Year Month : )
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