New Clubsport Wheelbase v2.5 with Clubsport F1 2019 Wheel and V3 pedals - driver/firmware question

Hi all I just purchased a new setup and have a driver/firmware question. The download page of the Wheelbase says v328 is the latest driver. The download page of the F1 wheel says v334 is its latest driver. Which should I use .. is v334 ok for the wheelbase? Also, has anyone experienced coil whine out of a new wheelbase? Mine has a high pitched whistle, seems to change when the wheel is turned. Google says some people have had this fixed with different firmware (driver)? Any and all feedback welcome! Cheers Doogz


  • Also, do y'all connect the pedals to the wheelbase or directly to the pc via usb? I know you can do both (but only one at a time). It looks like there is extra pedal calibration items in the driver if connecting separately.
  • Check the v340 driver:

    It has the v020 firmware posted a little further up in the thread, it should reduce the coil whine.

    As for connecting the pedals, there are some settings differences indeed in the driver, but in the end they will work the same in games. The difference is that when connected separately they work as separate controllers instead of the pedals being extra axes of the same controller. In the latter case, it may work in games without needing to set up/assign the pedals in-game.
  • Thanks Remco ... much appreciated. I assume it is easy enough to downgrade the firmware to a lower version if it doesn't work as expected?
  • Yes, actually the first posting of the same thread has three firmware versions in the firmware zip file, including v18. In the Fanatec driver, just go to the Update page, select to update firmware and then select the firmware version file manually.
  • Alrighty then! I put in v340 earlier today, and will try it out when I have more time tomorrow. IIRC, when it went in this morning the coil whine diminished, in not disappeared altogether. Fingers crossed ...
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