ClubSport wheel base v2.5 failure after 18 months


I bought a CSW v2.5 in December 2017 with Xbox wheel and pedal set. It was my biggest purchase to date for gaming and it was enjoyable while it lasted.

I am a casual gamer and play AC, PC2 for 2-3 hours every week. Last week when I turned on my wheel it kept cranking while trying to calibrate itself. Usually it would turn to the left, hit the limit and turn back. But this time, it turned to the left and kept trying to turn left till something snapped inside the base.

Fanatec support wants $150 plus all shipping to fix this issue. I have no problem paying for shipping, which in itself is expensive, but how can Fanatec charge to fix a wheel that failed within 18 months of very limited and careful use. This is clearly a case of poor quality or defect but they don't seem to care.

Instead they now say that I broke the wheel by turning it beyond it's limit, I play racing games with Formula or GT cars and never go beyond one rotation. I don't drift or rally. You would think they stand behind their products that cost hundreds of dollars.

I have attached a video to show what exactly is wrong with the wheel -!ArELpkwmgGm2hDnzpeRgxyij3zB_?e=rIzh8L


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