No tracking information for order.

Hi, Sorry to make a post but I ordered a few things on the 1st of August, and the order history tells me it was shipped on the 2nd of August. I am yet to receive any shipping information, or the products. I have tried multiple times using the site forms to try and reach a contact to get some information on my order. I am concerned because if it has really been shipped, I shouldve received it by now, I am Melbourne Australia and the warehouse is in Bendigo. I would just like to get some sort of status on my order please. Thanks in advance, Brendan.


  • Just to confirm actions taken; I have tried to call the hotline with no success just get stuck in a loop. I have tried the forms when you try to ask a question within your order, multiple times. And have also tried to generic contact form hoping it goes to a different address. I have checked and received all other emails, just no shipping information. I have checked my spam folder religiously as well.
  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator
    Hi Brendan,

    I can see on the system that you sent a request for tracking info. The sales team has seen your message and has forwarded a request to the warehouse/logistics, so you should receive a response soon.
  • Thankyou Dominic.
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