wheelbase settings & Xbox universal hub settings

PLEASE HELP! I need help setting up my settings for the fanatec Xbox universal hub and clubsport v2.5 USA wheelbase. 
When I over steer the car and try to correct it I get put into a back and forth slide that I can not stop unless braking to 0mph. Im not sure if i need to change my FF,SEN,SHO,ABS,DRI,FOR,SPR,DPR,BRF, OR FEI in the Xbox universal hub or the wheelbase maybe both if someone is willing to email me @ [email protected] or reply back there settings or settings that would be good for a beginner it would help a ton. I have had my set up for over a month and can not seem to figure out a good fit. The products that I am using are
CS Pedale V3 Invertiert USA,    CS Steering wheel drift xbox one USA,   CS HANDBRAKE V1.5,   CS STATIC SHIFTER PADDLES USA, and CS Shifter SQ V1.5.


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