Fanatec Property Page / Windows Game Controller Freezing

Ever since installed my V2.5 wheel base and Club Sport V3 Peddles, the Fanatec property page will not fully launch.  Windows Gaming controller just freezes up.  Anyone else have this issue?  I've uninstalled and reinstalled drivers multiple times.  


  • What Windows version are you using?
    Do you have the wheel and pedals connected to USB2.0 (recommended) ports?
    Do you have any other USB devices connected?
    Have you tried opening the Windows Gaming Controller window without wheel and pedals connected, and trying to connect either wheel base or pedals separately to see if one of them is causing the problem?
  • Windows 10 home.

    I had them both plugged into USB 3.1 gen1 and gen2 but will move them and see if that helps.
  • Unfortunately, switching ports and trying each individually seemed to have no effect.  Game Controller still continues to freeze up.  Fortunately it unfreezes for long enough periods for the Fanatec Drivers to initialize, allowing me to calibrate the wheel and peddles in the game (Iracing).  Both seem to work well in the game.

    Any additional thoughts on what might be causing this freezing to happen?  
  • My first guess would be that the freezing is caused by an interrupted communication with the game controllers, i.e. with the USB ports. Did you check the USB power saving options and make sure that it's all turned off?
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