clicking noise when turning F1 Wheel to left


does someone of you have the same Issue with the CSL Elite F1 Wheel for PS4? 
Sometimes, not always, it makes this click sound when turning it to left, never heard that when turning to right. But on the left side it happens sometimes, then i disconnect the Wheel, clean it with my Gloves, connect it, and the noise has gone for some time.
While playing it appears again, but as i wrote not all the time!
This is really strange.
Can someone tell me the torque for the screws which are inside the Wheel QuickRelease connector, there are 4 of them and i saw that 1 was very loose so i tighten it a bit, i don't want to damage something.

And what do you think about the noise? Any Idea???

thanks in advance


  • The screws in the QR connector should not be tightened too fast, as that may lead to the connector not fitting well on the base hub anymore. I don't think that there is an official maximum torque specified by Fanatec for this.

    As for the clicking noise, have you been able to identify whether the clicking noise is coming from the wheel or from the wheel base? I would expect it's coming from the wheel base, in which case I would recommend contacting Fanatec Support as that may need to be looked into to prevent unwanted wear of the internals of the wheel base.
  • hi,
    thanks for your response.
    i tightened the screw(s) really soft and it still fits good to the Base :)

    i could not identify the signal source at the moment, yesterday i used it for about 3 hours and there was no clicking, hmmm
    i will monitor this and if it appears again i will not change anything and check where the noise is coming from.

    hopefully there is no damage inside the WheelBase, otherwise i have to contact them, but i am afraid that if i have to send it back it will take a long time without simRacing ;) 

  • 5 Nm should be a good max torque for these screws. And I would recommend using Loctite (the blue one) as well, to make sure that the screws stay tightened.
  • just to give feedback, yesterday i played with some friends hours and there was no sound that makes me nervous ;)
    i tighten the screws with 4nm and did not glue them, i will check it sometimes but at the moment i am happy and i guess/hope the problem is solved :) Maybe the solution was to use Fanatec recommend settings for all the Games i own :) much softer with the Feedback as default settings
  • I have had this exact problem for about a week now and was wondering how you fixed it?

    Thanks :)

  • hi Simon,

    as i wrote already above, i tighten the screws and applied recommend settings for all the Games i play ;)

    Since that time the noise was gone.

    br and good luck


  • You mean the 4 allen key screws inside the quick release on the rim right? I have already tried a couple of things here:

    At first they were tightened as much as possible so i tried loosening them as much as they could without them getting in the way of the pins that connect to the base. Unfortunately, loosening them didn't solve the problem so i tightened them back to the way they were.

    I already use the recommended settings so that isn't helping either. I have seen a different discussion where you mentioned using a fixing bolt.

    Is this the one that came with the set and what exactly did you do with it?

    Thanks for the quick response btw :) Happy new year

  • hi,

    ok so you did all the same i did, loosen tighten the allen key screws, using fanatec recommended settings, and of course and i forgot i also used the fixing bolt!!!!!

    when the wheel is connected you can rotate the QuickReleaseRing on the Back of the Wheel, but before turn the wheel 180 degree, then rotate this QuickReleaseRing and there is a little opening when in correct position you will see the hole in the CSL BaseConnectionPlug and just put in the screw and tighten it with the allen screw on the short side as much you can, do not use the long side to tighten cause its to strong maybe!!! do i gentle ;) Hope that works for you! i have no other idea. good luck

  • Well this sort of solved the problem. I took the fixing bolt and screwed it on to the bottom of the wheel. Didn't even use an allen key and only screwed it on by hand. The clicking is still there, but i think it's a bit less frequent now so that's a plus.

  • I am having this problem too, only when turning left. I'n using the CSL Elite 1.1 with the F1 wheel. I've put in the fixing bolt but it's still doing the clicking. Did you ever figure this out Simon?

  • Honestly, I never found a solution and it sort of fixed itself. If you haven't tried using the recommended settings for the game you play I would recommend that you try that and maybe turn the FEI down a bit.

  • Hi,

    I'm also having the same issue, only when turning left. Same product as all of you. Have any of you tried to contact the Fanatec Support team? I'm using custom settings on the wheel for better FFB experience, I wonder if turning down the FEI would help.

  • Hey guys, I received my CS V2.5 roughly a week ago. Just started playing F1 2020 and the clicking/ticking noise while turning left just started last night. I did not notice it happening while playing Forza 7 last week. Will try some different settings tonight to see if goes away at all and let you know.

  • Tried changing various settings last night, both on the wheel and in-game, but no improvement to report. It definitely starts to tick in the first 45 degrees to the left, then sort of un-ticks on the way back to zero. It sounds like it is outside the wheelbase, and more in the connection area of the wheel, but it's hard to say for sure.

  • I have the same clicking noise on my CSW 2,5 but as far as i can hear only when I use the universal hub. Not the F1 2020 wheel

  • Hi. I have the formula V2. Using it on the DD1. On Xbox seriesX. The base is only on 30% FFB strength, not pushing the DD1 by any means. Mine was clicking when turning left, Now does it to the right too. It’s definitely not the base.

    very annoying for a premium product. A YouTuber was advised by Fanatec, via his dealership that this is just operational noise!! They suggested a small dab of oil on the ball bearings in the hub.

    not sure if this would be ok to try.

  • BMF CoandaBMF Coanda Member
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    My Formula V2 clicks as well in both directions.. I use a DD2. I use headphones so the it's not audio issue (for me) however I can feel it in my hands.. I can't tell if it is coming from the QR or the the plastic on top of the rim where the Fanatec logo is.. I am 90% sure it is the rim.

    I read this was also a issue for the old McLaren GT3 rim..

    Edit Add: I removed the QR safety bolt and 90% of the clicking has gone.. Just the odd click here and there..

  • I'm having this issue also, but turning right only. DD2 & Clubsport F1 2021

  • David JessatDavid Jessat Member
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    Came up with the same issue on my Formula V2 after switching to a DD2. At first I did not use the safety pin as Fanatec recommends, but there was a lot of play and vibration so I tried using it and immediately that helped stop the vibrations. However, today I noticed a lot of crackling and turns out, possibly because of theearlier vibrations, some screws had come very loose on the wheel - so I carefully tightened them (without too much torque) but the issue persisted - in the end what helped was loosening the safety screw in the QR a bit, apparently that was a bit too tight. No crackling or vibrations now.

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