FANATEC DD1 Won't Setup.


I'm having issues setting up my Fanatec DD1 wheel base and Heusinveldt clutch. I had no problems whatsoever setting them up in iracing at all. However in all Steam base sims I'm having big problems. The Fanatec DD1 and Heusinveldt pedals are detected in Rfactor, RaceRoom, F1 2019 however the wheel base won't work and nor will the clutch. In Project cars 2 it's saying clutch undefined whatever that means? I have used Diview to calibrate my pedals as per their instructions. I have all the latest drivers and updates for everything.

I did notice that in 1 sim, sorry I can’t remember which one it was now. That the Fanatec DD1 is using Axis Joy X + and - for steering. However the Heusinveldt clutch is also using Axis Joy X + and - for the clutch assignment. I also went into Steam settings/controllers and found my Fanatec DD1 is detected and listed twice in controllers. I thought this is possibly because the steering wheel is fitted to the base and is seen as a separate controller to the base. So I removed the steering wheel, exited out of Steam and restarted my pc. I then went back into Steam settings/controllers and still found Steam is detecting and listing the Fanatec DD1 wheel base twice.

I feel all this must have something to do with the problems I'm having? the duplication for some reason of the Fanatec DD1 in Steam and also the conflict in controller assignments trying to use the same axis?

Does anybody know how to resolve these issues?

It's all so very frustrating.

Cheers, regards



  • It's normal and intended that the DD is shown as 2 usb devices. That's because one USB device alone can't handle all the advanced functions the Base supports.
  • In all the sims you mention, did you try to assign wheel and pedals? I ask because you say that in pCARS2 it says that the clutch is undefined, which is the default setting so no surprise there (not everyone uses a controller that has a clutch). Furthermore, the DD bases are newer than the game so they don't have default assignments in the game. Hence, you should assign the controls yourself before you'll be able to use them in the game.
  • Yeah I’m experiencing the same issue. I think it may have something to do with resetting the calibration to default.

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