I just purchased the Club Sport 2.5 USA wheelbase and associated items. When I go to the download page to get the software and drivers for it I am presented with 4 choices:
Fanatec Driver 32bit v311 Fanatec Driver 64bit v311 Fanatec Driver 64bit v328 Fanatec Driver 32bit v328

I'm running Windows 10 professional 64 bit on a PC. I assume I can narrow it down to the 2 64bit options, but which one? No explanation is given re the differences between them, and trying to find an answer using your website is very frustrating.


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator
    Hi John,

    Generally speaking you should try the highest number (more recent version) first, but we like to keep a previous version accessible so that people can roll back one step if there is an issue. It helps our support team, who might suggest that a customer tries another driver or firmware first to narrow down an issue while we are troubleshooting.

    And as Remco says, we also have an active beta program on the forum, which gives customers access to new improvements and features before they make it into a full 'release' package.
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