Quick Release...Not Releasing

I have the GT3 McLaren rim with the black quick release. When compressing and pulling the quick release, it starts to slide off but then hits a hard stop. I’m using a podium DD1 and I’ve fully loosened the rubber stop. I’m at my wits end. It just seems...stuck. Can anyone advise if they’ve encountered a similar issue? Thanks.


  • Never encountered that one. A bit of 'extra force' does not do the trick? Does it feel like the QR compresses properly, or does it already stop too early so that it basically doesn't release completely?
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    Okay, this happened to me twice while being somewhere off this planet so I'll just throw it in here: I assume you didn't use the screw to attach the QR to the wheelbase?
  • Extra force does not do the trick. I’ve applied good force for sure. Also tried a little grease on the shaft and rubber. It slides nicely then (seems right before coming off) gets stuck harshly. No screw in the QR, no.
  • Here’s a video. Removed the rim from the QR.
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    Really strange one. I'd try twisting the rim w.r.t. the wheel base hub to see if you can force loose whatever is blocking the QR, but for that you would need an extra pair of hands to stop the steering axle from turning.

    Also, you say that it 'stops harshly' right before it comes off. Does it feel like metal against metal?
  • You could try rotating the QR spring a little. It may be that the spring gets behind one of the QR ball bearings, preventing it from releasing the QR.
    I'll see if I can upload or link to a video showing how to do that (though it's not that difficult to find out yourself).

  • Here's the video attached.
  • I have the DD2 and have the same problem.  I have checked the pins, checked QR alignment and lubed the rubber spacer ring.  Nothing helps.  My wheel is definitely not a QR system as advertised and I'm worried if I remove or change out my wheel often, I will damage either the QR or the DD2.  It appears to me, there is a tolerance issue or a quality control issue...
  • Hi Alan,

    I saw that you have previously been touch with support about this. I recommend that you continue the conversation with them and try to get this resolved.

  • How was this issue fixed? Im having the same exact issue, my F1 2019 rim comes off almost all the way then hits a hard stop and refuses to full come off the DD2 wheel base. I have tried using all the force i can to get it off.

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