Podium F1 PS4, Analog Axis are inverted?

I received my Podium F1 today, and really enjoy it, however I have run into an issue with my pedals and also the clutch paddle's on the F1 Rim that came with it.  I originally plugged my elite pedals with load cell into the wheel base (I was previously using Thrustmaster wheel base, so I was using USB).  The pedals displayed fine in the menu, but when I went into iracing to calibrate them, I found that the actions were inverted.  So for instance when the throttle pedal was not pushed at all, it was displaying fully pushed in iracing, but when I full depressed the pedal, it went to 0%.  I couldn't find a solution online, so I just went back to direct USB connection to my computer, and everything worked fine.  Just now I attempted to map the hand clutches on the podium f1 rim, and found that they also display the same error as the pedals did when they were plugged into the wheel base.  Is there something that I need to configure on the wheel base to prevent this from happening?

Thank you for your help.


  • I will answer my own question in case it helps anyone else.  This issue did not happen in any other sim, just iracing.   I proceeded with the calibration and allowed it to configure "backwards", but once I was done with all the settings, iracing fixed the direction on its own, and I don't have any issues.  Even though it may look wrong, just perform the calibration as normal, and everything will be fine.
  • we had this issue. i had the base plugged into a port on the rear of the pc, switched it to port on the front of the pc fixed it. strange bugs.
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