Wheel not spinning (and Dri set to -5)

I have a 2.5 wheel base to Xbox One, and Drift setting is at -5. Force feedback is present but wheel doesn't spin on transition, in either Forza Motorsport 7 drift or Asetto Corsa drift session. I've tried to turn FF down too. What could be the issue? Firmware? Another setting?  


  • You obviously want to have a spinning wheel, for exactly this purpose there is the Drift setting. So, why do you have this set to - 5 which adds a ton of artificial Damping? Try to set it to OFF, this should fix your problem.
  • You are right! That worked.

    The fanatec support person told me the exact opposite: "Please set Dri to either -3 or -5, which is the highest drift setting. Drift mode then will be activated"

    Any other setting recommendations?
  • Well, that was a wrong information then.. Drift mode at -3 or even -5 adds artificial damper to avoid unwanted oscillations. Thats one way the Drift mode can work. The other way is to set it to OFF to have no damping at all or even set it to + values to get motor acceleration to get even faster reaction times. Highest Drift setting therefore is +5.
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