Replacement motors in the USA

Is it possible to buy a replacement motor, motor driver board and case fan for a CSL Elite PS4 wheelbase that is out of warranty?

Also how much would it cost?

My wheel base had smoke coming out and after cooling it would not re-boot. The wheel doesn't turn and the first 3 rev lights and then the power button flashes.


  • You would have to ask Fanatec Support what the possibilities are. 
  • Same problem here mine has only about 20 hours and they are telling me it is the motor and a cable seems impossible with such light use from a 500.00 item sure they will fix it for 150.00 so now it would be a 650.00 unit that will last another 20 hours? this is a wide spread problem you do a google seach and there are a lot of people with this first version PS4 wheel that has the same problem, you would think they would want to make it right but NO
  • I have narrowed down the failure in the CSL Elite PS4 to the motor driver board. Mine had a blob of black plastic dip partly covering a MOSFET because they were sloppy when assembling my wheelbase. The plastic dip seems to be used to keep connectors from pulling out during shipping.  

     The process for getting parts in the USA from Fanatec is difficult. In Europe the service seems to be better and we have many in our league that are happy with Fanatec.  

     I bought a new V2.5 instead because I have a lot of money tied up in wheel rims. I will try to find a new MOSFET somewhere and solder it in. The board is somewhat burned where the MOSFET was insulated, but I'll have to try.
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