DD2 not working after firmware update failed

I just got my DD2 and installed it. Afterwards i went to update the drivers in the software and at about 5% into the update it said "failed to connect to wheel trying again" or something along those lines twice. After 5 minutes of nothing happening i clicked disconnect in the software and noticed the light on the emergency stop power button was flashing, so i restarted my DD2.

Since then when i power it on the wheel turns like 270 degrees and the fan turns on but nothing else happens. The wheel is not recognized by the software, the display on the wheel base and wheel dont turn on and, the only way to turn the fan off is to use the emergency stop. Ive tried restarting my computer and reinstalling the software multiple times.


The initial fan noise u hear is from the humidifier in my basement, however u can hear the fan cut out when i hold the power button at the end of the video, only to start back up again once i let go. Only way to stop it is with the emergency stop button itself.


  • You're talking about the firmware update of the DD2 base, which wasn't completed successfully. Therefore your wheel isn't working correctly right now.

    The only possible way to get out of this is try and get the DD2 to start up in bootloader/firmware update mode, and try again:
    - connect DD2 base to your PC, with Fanatec driver installed
    - switch on DD2 in bootloader mode (please consult the manual how to do this)
    - perform the firmware update via the normal process

    This should work. However, if the wheel disconnects again as it did previously, something is wrong with the connection with your PC. This could be in the wheel base, but I think it's more likely that it's on the PC side. Some things to check:
    - USB power saving should be disabled in Windows
    - the USB port you're using on the PC should preferably be a USB2.0 port, on the back of your PC (direct motherboard connection)
    - disable other USB devices when doing the firmware update

    If you're not able to get the firmware updater going anymore, you'll have to contact Fanatec Support.
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