Podium & F1 Wheel - buttons not working!

Hi, I have a very strange issue: I just received my Podium and the F1 wheel. Everything works well, but: When i rotate the steering wheel between -45 to -90 degrees, the buttons and shifter do not work anymore, also the tuning menu button does not work - the problem occurs with and without being connected to the computer. Has anyone every heared about that before?  Thanks! 


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    to clarify: 
    • buttons do work again if steering angle is unqeual -45 to -90 degrees.  
    • All firmwares are updated
    • DD2, win10, Formula v2
  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator
    Hi Garvin, Can you verify the wheel is fully on the DD base and also check to see if any pins are broken inside the wheel rim. If everything is ok, you will need to connect with the support team.
  • Hi Joseph, thanks for replying - wheel is fully on the base and pins look fine... so i'll contact the support. 
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