Podium DD2 PS4 Plug-in Upgrade

I know I could have bought a DD1 instead of a DD2 for PS4. I wanted the full force of a DD2 for PC and kept some of my old rig for PS4 play. I felt like if I bought the DD1 I would always regret not getting the DD2. 

I still hope that Fanatec will sell a hardware plug-in license for PS4 / PS5 for the DD2.  I think they would be surprised how many would buy it. They probably should do some polls on FB and other user groups. I know I would pay $100-200 US for the capability.  I know many of you would call me insane. GTS is a great game and I love it as much as many other PC sims.  The convenience of 1 rig with large FFB power for both PC and PS is still desired.  Especially because I think the PS5 GT release will be able to really shine with a DD2.


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