Podium Pedals

Are the Fanatec Podium Pedals still in the works? Over a year ago there was word podium pedals would come “soon” but haven’t heard much since. Other brands are making leaps in pedal development, such as haptic feedback, and wondering if Fanatec has anything new coming soon.


  • Pump the brakes on new releases, can't seem to ship the new stuff they don't have, and when it does ship it doesn't have the correct paperwork.

    But after watching a video on the Smagic Haptek system it certainly looks to be an upgrade to the current v3 rumble motors.

  • Agreed, the Simagic P1000 pedals with haptic reactors is what I’m thinking of getting but it’s not console compatible with the Fanatec DD Pro base. Simagic pedals will work on PC with a Fanatec base, but haven’t found a solution to get them both running together on console.

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