Black Friday delivery prices are weirdly dodgy...

Whats going on - 7.9kg in huge box [assembled] CSL pedals are 35€ to deliver to Ireland, but the H-shifter is 43€ on its own? If youre giving BF discounts, why are you charging so much for delivery on smaller, lighter, cheaper items? Could you explain why is the H-shifter 8€ more to deliver?


  • Not defending there delivery changes but shifter is extremely heavy and comes with USB adapter in the deal,which will be a separate package so that’s 2 packages

  • Would it be heavier than the 8kg CSL pedals already assembled, in big box? Im genuinely curious whats causing that price increase, Im not slamming Fanatec, just want to know why its dearer. Surely the USB adapter and the shifter would be packed in one package, not two deliveries.

  • not sure of it’s exact weigh but it’s very heavy and the two shifter knobs it comes with are fairly heavy as well, Fanatec love to send everything in separate packages as that’s how they stock them, all wheels and quick release connections comes separately for example,can recommend this shifter tho,I’ve had mine a few years now and build quality is brilliant

  • Shifter is 3.2kg.

  • I confirm the Fanatec shifter is huge. It doesn't look like it from the photos, but it's almost as big as a CSL DD, and it's bigger than a Moza R9. In some respects it is aesthetically ridiculous to have that large box bolted to the side of the sim-rig. The sequential knob is also very awkward to use, a lot of missed gear changes, it's too thick for the total travel. And it's a little ridiculous compared to the rest of the gear.

    However, once the knob was replaced, it works very well.

  • I’m wondering if there’s a new shifter coming,this design is fairly old now,it’s about time they replaced it with something more sleek looking with maybe some sort of feedback or adjustable shift travel

  • came here, as I am wondering about shipping costs as well. Just checked the CSL wheel P1 V2. I want to have the QR1 adapter as well, so when I was asked to select an accessories I did so. So in the shopping cart, the shipping cost is calculated for my address to be at around 26€, as I understood wheel and QR are shipped separately. However, if I only put the wheel without any QR adapter into shopping cart, shipping is a bit less than 12€. If I do the same for the QR1 adapter, the shipping is also less than 12€. So combined less than 24€. I know its only 2€ less compared to a combined order, but I don't get the point of ordering more items at the same time and having the hope to save on shipping costs. Means I should split my shopping list to as much items as possible... not that efficient.

  • Easy answer is they send it in 2 packages. Then you are paying the price for sending 2 packages or more.

    They do it also with wheels that come in 2 or more boxes then you also pay the multi package shipping price. Like Mario already said sometimes it's even cheaper to make 2 orders to same a few euro. Had the same with ordering 2 QR2;s. In 2 orders only 12€ per order while in one order it was 26€. But in many cases not possible to put it in multiple order because you are losing bundle discounts or it is one item like a wheel. This already years an issue.

  • Ok, I understand, thanks for all your answers guys! Thats very weird logistics on their side to send everything separately - but I guess if customers take the hit then Fanatec is saving. I dont even need the usb clubsport hub - cant delete it to save on delivery, and save them the item.

  • Well, they dont, because when I added the new QR price didnt change. So that theory is out.

  • Bonjour. Moi commander le cs dd ai qr2 le 19.10.2023 ,puit commander les pédales v2 le 19.11.2023 reçu le numéro de suivi sous la commande des pédales v2 mes pas sous la commande du csdd ou il ai écrit entièrement expédié , il ai écrit livraison 28.11.2023 par ups penser vous qui vont me livrer le tous avec ce numéro de suivi ou juste les pédales il ai écrit 8 kgs

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