Does this mean North America CS DD 'In Progress' orders will be shipped now?

My pre order was placed on Oct 21 and has been In Progress since Nov 10, does this mean that my order will be shipped?

P.S. On the website main page and clicking on the ClubSport DD takes you to the ClubSport DD+ page


  • ^^^ THIS except Oct 14

  • Oct 22, 2023 1:15:00 here ^^

  • October 22nd here.

  • 14th here also

  • David DeGreefDavid DeGreef Member
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    Check your status, mine turned to blue, for whatever that's worth or means. LOL And the Cancel Order is back for those that want to use it.

  • Mine switched to blue as well

  • Mine too has changed to blue with the return of the CANCEL button. Hopefully this is progress after the cut and paste reply I, like many others, received from support inquiring about their orders.

    Have no fear... "Our IT team is working hard to resolve this issue."

  • I decided to cancel my order and wait until after New Years for a revised unit. Still have my DD1 with a QR2.

    Here's hoping you all get trouble free units.

  • Thanks,

    If I had not sold my CSW v2.5 I would be doing the same. Wait until all items are shown as Ready to Ship is the smart strategy I think. Also a couple of build cycles may not be a bad idea to weed out any problems.

  • Can anyone confirm if these orders ever had a red box next to the in progress note? It would be nice to know if anyone has experienced an order going from red box next to "in progress" to a blue box with "the order is in process". There are a bunch of people who placed black friday orders that have a red box and in progress status. We would like to know if going from red in progress to blue in process is something that can happen regularly.

  • Mine was red in progress and went to blue in progress. I have since canceled my order due to lack of communication.

  • Thank you for that, how long did you wait with no communication?

  • I can confirm my order went from IN PROGRESS with Red Box to THE ORDER IS IN PROCESS with Blue Box

  • Status now says 'Completely Shipped'. I also received an email this morning saying "our warehouse is currently preparing your shipment. Once it has left our warehouse, your tracking number will be visible in your account in your order details."

    Things are finally moving it would seem. I am in Canada however, and this order is being shipped via USPS/Canada Post so it's anyone's guess how long it'll take to reach my door. Happy to see progress though!

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    Quick update on my CS DD ordered Oct. 17th - still nothing. For what it's worth, my status box is green as it has been for days now, but no tracking number from USPS. If that 10 day window is correct, I should be getting tracking info this week, but really it's anyone's guess at this point.

    Interestingly enough, under my products section, Fanatec has the DD and QR2's I ordered with the warranty expiration date as Nov.30, 2024 for products I haven't even received. No serials either. Are they trying to cheat us on warranty days now too? Hopefully this would be amended when they actually ship, but not counting on it.

  • David DeGreefDavid DeGreef Member
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    I read on another thread where Fanatec responded to a customer that the warranty would start on date of delivery.

    I received my Formula v2.5x on Dec 8 while the warranty date is the 'Completely Shipped' date of Nov. 25.

    So either the customer was granted a goodwill gesture from Fanatec, or the information provided is inaccurate. Imagine that?

    My CS DD was marked as Completely Shipped on Nov. 30 so the 10 day theory is Dec. 14. If I rolled my eyes any harder I would probably trigger a brain aneurism. 🙄😦😨🤯

    Good luck

  • Good luck to you too! I'm guessing we should receive our shipping info around the same time. Here's hoping for movement this week.

    I feel for ya... not being able to enjoy this hobby while waiting on gear that should have been been sent nearly 2 months ago. That new Formula wheel sitting there must be the extra kick to the groin!

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