WTB: ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® 2023

Unfortunately, I missed the sale for the 2023 f1 wheel, but I really like the looks of the 2023 wheel compared to my current wheel.

If interested in selling please contact me on discord (@evadingtheirs)

Preferably able to ship to to northwest Utah, or able to pick up near that area. I will cover shipping costs.

Thank you!


  • The wheel is new and was just released, I seriously doubt someone who just bought one would want to part with it immediately but good luck on your search.

    I am sure they will be back in stock soon.

  • They wont be back in stock - it was limited edition.

    Which means someone might have bought 1 (or 2) so they can sell it on at a profit...

  • Fair with that, but its worth a shot. Only 2023 copies will be ever sold and I think all of them have been as Fanatec prepared all of them for black Friday. Some people buy limited edition products (such as this one) purely to resell for a profit. That amount of people isn't many, but still a few 50 or so people.

  • I might be looking to sell mine…. I have a DD1 PS version 2.. they make a great combo lol… PM me if you’re still looking.

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