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I've been lucky enough today to receive some new v3 pedals however I'm having issues with the brake pedal.

Note: I have installed the latest drivers and also installed the brake performance kit (2x green and PU).

Regardless of the brake force settings, the brake pedal 'sticks' or it's unresponsive. Currently, as I'm typing this, the brake is stuck on 65% and won't move.

The installed springs are greased as per the installation instructions. I've reinstalled the drivers 454 3x times including connecting to the PC direct, also direct to the DD Pro (not both at the same time). All the cables are connected correctly.

The brake is better/responsive on 'min' force however as soon as i put it to 50%, it goes erratic as stated above.

The pre-load position makes no difference. The brake/throttle vibration tests are fine.

Any help or words of wisdom ? Anything would help at this stage.

i wondered if rolling back to the old firmware is worth a try ?

Many Thanks



  • Also tried to using default springs. no change.

  • Have you tried calibrating the Min and Max range of the brake, especially when you change the load with different springs or elastimers, I would probably roll back to driver 451, seems to many weird problems with 454 Driver (Only upgrade if needed for any of your newly released hardware to function at all such as CS DD, Button Module Rally, etc).

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    It may be the load-cell sensor itself. Check to see if there's any visible deformation on the sensor. Maybe takeout your LC sensor and re-install it to ensure it is sitting properly?

    Questions: 1) did it work fine with stock PU foams, before you upgraded to BPK?

    2) is the brake shaft physically stuck at ~65% relative to the red chamber? or the brake shaft is at rest (decompressed state) but reading ~65%?

    To me it sounds more like the load-cell sensor. There may be similar posts in this forum on this.

    As suggested before, go to 1) set your steering wheel BRK force to 100%, 2) go to Fanatec driver on PC, 3) apply brake at comfortable 100% and set Max, Don't stomp hard, you don't need to put tons of force to set max IMO, 4) go to your game, 5) in your game apply what you feel is at 100% brake, then lower your steering wheel BRK force to match it in game.

    Good luck!

    not sure if this is helpful, but worth checking. maybe Fanatec can send you a replacement LC sensor since yours is new.

  • hello

    Thank you very much for the replies.

    The min and max don't work. the minimum works fine because I'm not putting any pressure into the pedal. When i put pressure on the pedal, i now get less than 1% brake value (on the pc)) so when i set it to maximum, the brake remains on 100%.

    Thanks - i have downgraded to 451.

    Thank you.

    1) i did not check so i don't know sadly.

    2) No, last night, the value was stuck at 65% with no pressure applied to the brake. Yesterday it was very intermittent when applying the brake. The brake would 'stick' and fluctuate erratically regardless of pressure applied. Today, it's worse because i get very little movement in terms of the brake value on screen regardless of force applied.

    I have followed your recommendation of refitting the sensor however i did not see any damage and the cable is fine. I think you are correct regarding the sensor though, i believe it to be faulty.

    I've logged a ticket with support.

    Thanks again for your help guys.

  • Update - Fanatec sent me a new loadcell. Pedals are now working fine. thanks for all your support.

  • Glad to hear you got it resolved, cheers!

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