Black Friday Orders | Shipping Update 3

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Dear Community,

We would like to provide you with another update regarding order processing after Black Friday.


The situation has improved, but we still have a backlog of 3 business days in volume for processing orders. This volume still includes orders from Black Friday until now. For Europe there were a total of 36,000 European orders that needed to be processed and have been processed due to Black Friday.

There will be an update for those who ordered the V2.5 X Steering Wheel and have not yet received news on the shipping status. We apologize it's taken so long to provide you with feedback. About 400 orders with the ClubSport V2.5 X are already on their way.

USA /Canada

As for the US & Canada, we ‘re still processing orders from the last day of Black Friday Week as there were a lot of orders that day. However, we hope to be up to date with order processing for the US by the end of this week. For new orders: If you want to receive something by Christmas, then you need to purchase with FedEx Ground by Sunday at the latest. However, depending on the location, there is no guarantee that your order will arrive everywhere, especially on the east coast (because the warehouse is in California). With FedEx Express, shipments are processed on a priority basis, so new orders might still be delivered in time for Christmas. (A usual: This only applies if the order does not contain a product that has a pre-order date. Otherwise the order will not be shipped).


All regions:

Further information: An inventory will be carried out in all regions at the beginning of January. This means that almost no orders will be shipped in the first week of January until January 10, partly also because the week is shortened by the public holiday.

We would like to thank everyone again for their patience with us.

Your Fanatec Team



  • Hi I ordered before Black Friday - 6th of November and have had no updates. 38days any update at all would be appreciated.



  • Dear Fanatec team, 1st of all I have say thanks for these update on the BF situation, but it would be soooooo damn nice when you got a tiny lil status update for the peops who stands behind you and gave you so much thrust to preOrder the DD+. Since the 20th of october I got not one single email regarding the DD+ order pls give us some infos 🥺 🙏

  • So for V2.5X orderers we got an update that we will get an update. Is saying that it's better than nothing beginning of Stockholm syndrome?

  • Bonjour, pouvez s'il vous me dire où en est ma commande passée le 27/11/23 et validé le 28/11/23


  • Hey guys, you don't seem to have addressed Australia at all in your update. There still seems to be plenty of us with "completely shipped" orders from the 24th or earlier that don't have tracking numbers yet.

  • When will we receive the "update for those who ordered the V2.5 X Steering Wheel and have not yet received news"?

    If the contract terms valid during purchase have changed we need to be informed at the moment the situation is known by the seller and offered the option to accept the new ones or terminate the contract.

    The way Fanatec is dealing with this is an abuse of customer rights.

  • JamesJames Member, Administrator

    Hi Nathaniel, we can only apologize that you have been waiting for your order since November 6th. We have passed your feedback on, and we’ll check what is going on with your order.


  • Gerard TalbotGerard Talbot Member
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    Hi @james. Is there any additional updates on uk shipments? Since the UK is outside of the EU it might require some additional clarification.

    Thank you.

  • ScSc Member

    Thx for the update but still no words about DD+?

  • My stuff from November 22nd is on the way.
    with the wrong address......
    Now I have to see how it works for me...well at least it's on the way somehow
    I wish everyone who is waiting here all the best.
    I had the F1 2.5 steering wheel v3 pedals etc...

  • What about the DD+ preorders for the EU region? Do we get them this year or January 10 + 10 business days?

  • Allan McKayAllan McKay Member
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    I also would like to know if the UK is included in the EU update.

    Would love to know where my DD2 is also.

  • edited December 2023

    As Chris says above, please update us on Australian orders. Mine 1772353 was ordered on 19 October the website still says in process and available 12/12.

    some sort of update seeing you’ve had my (and many others) money since October. The assumption was that I would have the DD+ and wheel side QR2 before Christmas at least? What’s going on?

  • Shane BrantShane Brant Member
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    What about the DD+ that was ordered a month before the BF deals? It would be nice to know if it is delayed or if we will be getting it anytime soon. I ordered day one with the Availability date: Dec 12, 2023. I don't want a boiler plate response as you took my money almost 2 months ago. (US Region)

  • For EU with the V2.5 X Steering Wheel, can we expect to receive our orders before christmas? This is a gift ...

    Order number : 1835019

  • In Europe, completing 400 orders out of 36,000 is not even a 2%.

    Will take longer than Christmas for sure, jesuschrist what a disaster...

  • My Order from 17th of November 1794078 became "Fully Shipped" on 28th November with the note "Up to 10 working" days.

    Today we are at day 12.

    No communication since 28th. Would be really nice to get some kind of a feedback. I ordered those parts this year as a christmas gift...

    The DD1, BMW GT2 wheel and the QR2 Wheel side has been on stock since the order. Only QR2 was on pre-order with availability on 28th november.

  • same, its for myself not necessarily a christmas gift but i ordered 25/11, all we got was an update that we will get an update

  • you read that wrong, there were 36.000 orders doesnt mean they all ordered 2.5x, all james said about the 2.5x is that there are 400 orders on the way with that wheel

  • I order ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 X and Button Caps and Sticker Set on the 24th november.

    My order number is 1843461 and after 2 contact request e 1 mail i have received only automatically response in which Fanatec tell me that they will contact me in 3-5 days but no one has contacted me.

    I don't know what to do with their order numbers, I'm just saying that they shouldn't have sold more merchandise than they did in their warehouses especially if they indicated complete availability on the site and not a pre-order.

    At this point I only know that they took my money on November 24th and after 3 weeks they didn't even deign to give me an answer related to the order, even if they were the smallest company in the world.

    I would like some admin member to deign to give me information about my

    Best regards

  • i've been one of the first to order the 2.5x in europe, but it seems im not in that lucky 400. :sad:

  • at least half of 36000 orders include V2.5x, but after one month they ALREADY shipped 400 of them :D

  • I love that the ONLY form of contacting them is broken beyond repair too. Cuz you know, we speak mandarin(?) in the US. Also the capcha won't let you continue.

  • Hey James,

    thank you for the update regarding the EU 2.5X Situation. Could you maybe check order 1831559 ?

    I would be happy to wait longer for the wheel, but need the rest of the order because it's a gift.

    Kind regards,


  • Update for V2.5 ?

    What do you mean? Update that the order is shipped or Update that i must wait 3 weeks (or more) again?

    I'm a Fanatec customer since 2014 and nevet before i was so disappointed by Fanatec.

    Tomorrow i can buy a new V2.5 for 270 Euro (from a guy who bought a bundle and dont need the v2.5) I think, when i dont hear anything next 26 hours, i buy it.

  • As always, only news that isn't news. Regretting my choice to chose fanatec as my first serious sim supplier more day by day. Should have just picked one of the other suppliers in my country that actually have stock and can deliver.

  • @james

    My order from 15Nov23 is still delayed due to the CSL DD table clamp miraculously not being able to be received by 12/15, but now moved to 12/28. Assuming the 12/28 date is legitimate, when will the order ship? By 12/30, or will it likely to be delayed until after inventory, thus further delaying receipt of the November order for an additional weeks with a likely late-January early February delivery?

  • I have done an order 1840013 with the Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 and v3 pedals on 24th, i will know if Fanatec are respecting the FIFO

    I hoppe to those of us we will reveive good news about teering Wheel Formula V2.5 orders related today

    It´s a christmas hope

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