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  • Hi James,

    my question is, I understand that there were some "mispricing" issues with BF price+ bundle + price BUT I ordered the ClubSport Lenkrad Formula V2.5 X as a SINGEL order 1832238 and also there is no info.

    Is this a stock related issue, I need to know if I have to look for a different solution ( buy a 2nd hand ) as this was meant as a Christmas present for a kid 7y,! Or should I tell him that he was not good enough this year so he get only the Wheel Base and the pedals?

    Good new is that my order from 4th DEC is slowly but surely arriving, thanks for that!

  • Any way to short their stock? This company is in a full blown meltdown.

  • Why i have order (1Dec) a CSL DD 5nm, which says in stock and i have received a email telling the product only be avaiable in 21Dec? It's for a gift, come on.

  • Hello, I would like to know how the process is going with my order 1842332 from 11/24, which says completely shipped since 11/29 and I have no tracking and the order hasn't even arrived, my order is the steering wheel v2.5x and the pedals v3

  • ah ah ah

    it's the best update of fanatec

    400 hundred steering in on the way , but how many in the jungle ? 20 days i wait without information and some people more

    feed up with this company

  • I live Portugal UE

  • Fanatec admin,

    My order was shipped relatively fast but shortly after UPS returned the shipment to sender (aka Fanatec dispatch warehouse) due to customs export documentation not being completed by Fanatec. Since then 27/11/23, there has been no update on the tracking as it has the status of “Delivered” due to it being returned to sender and I have tried to contact your team through contact forms and email without any response or updates. This has also been longer than the “14 days delay on response times”.

    I would greatly appreciate any news and information on my order as it is quite mysterious on what happens to an order if UPS has returned it to Fanatec. I’m sure any customer that has had this happen to them also during this time would also like to know what happens to our orders once they have been returned to Fanatec due to UPS claiming Fanatec failed to provide the proper documentation. Do our orders sit aside while all the orders are being shipped before our returned orders are dealt with and re-shipped and so our orders that have been received before other customers are now being ignored, while new orders have gained priority?

  • Justin OteroJustin Otero Member
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    Ordered 23rd and still waiting for shipping number:/ hopefully it will ship soon since fedex is a horrible shipping company and always ends up super late.

  • Hi James, are there any news on the DD+? Please it would be cool, when you gave us some infos...

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    why do you only react to single comments??? I was looking forward to the release of DD+. Every single day, I've checked the preorder status on your site full of anticipation. Please leave a comment for all those asking people, which cannot wait to get their hands on the DD+. When will the first batch (planned for the 12/12) be delivered? Give us an info. I'm tired of checking several times the day. We all could have it some much easier.... Is the current preorder date (27.12), the date for the first batch? Have there already been units delivered to your warehouse??? Say something, don't ignore us!!!

    Also waiting for my 2,5x with QR2 Pro Wheel Side (no APM). Gimme sth, plzzzzzzzzzz!!!!



  • @pedro pereira You're not alone with what has happened to your order, I'm in the same boat as you as well as Craig Bullock who has posted numerous times on here as well. All of our origin scan/hamburg updates are within was 7 minutes and we have all raised which UPS who have said they can't locate the parcels and a claim has been issued back to fanatec. Multiple attempts to contact fanatec for an update but nothing back from them. The can't use the black friday excuse here as these were orders prior to then. Absolute joke of a company.

  • The v2.5 x was up for sale in japan for about 8 seconds. Are you sure the model name was correct or was it that you only had 2.5 units in stock?

  • Any info about the CS DD+ would be highly appreciated. Somehow I think it will be next year.. 🤔

  • ScSc Member

    i am pretty sure, that we won’t get our DD+ anytime soon.

    since we didn’t here anything, my guess is that there are bigger issues with production, licensing or delayed shipping from china and they are figuring out what to do right now to avoid a mass cancellation

  • Meine Bestellung 1831656 habe ich am 24.11.2023 aufgegeben und € 1.600,- bezahlt. Bis dato aber noch immer in Bearbeitung ohne irgendeiner Information. Möglicherweise verloren gegangen?

    Ich habe meine Bestellung Nr.

  • wooooord !!!

    exactly what I am thinking, I am in the same Situation bro, it would be more than enough to know when we could expect the DD+ .

  • @james no need to respond. I just cancelled the order since Fanatec failed to deliver, as originally promised. Buying from Moza instead, and I will have it received by Christmas.

  • each update is better than the previous one

    let's see if this third one can exceed 200k views and 2k comments


  • ScSc Member

    yes I wish fanatec will prove me wrong but when count everything together there is more otherwise they would’ve sent out a info like: sorry container shipping got delayed and we will begin shipping next week….

  • James, thanks for info.

    I think, main problem for most of us is the fact that we don't know is it shipped or not. No tracking number, nothing on reference number tracking... simply nothing.

    I live in Croatia and UPS gives packages to croatian post office which is catastophic at this time of the year. Without tracking number my package could sit is some warehouse for weeks, they don't give a sh.t

  • This is a shitshow. Delays are normal and can happen, but the way how you communicate and indicate that the order has been completely shipped is just bad.

    We ask you to be realistic and tell us what is going on. Full transparency.

  • if I understood correctly there are 24,000 canceled orders

  • I am thinking of doing the same, but for sure no one will respond to my order cancelation email. But probably will but a Moza setup and return the parts to Fanatec when they arrive. I'm sick of this crappy company and their products.

  • My 25.11 order that 4-7 days available was changed 2 weeks ago to (one of the items) available Dec, 1.

    Today that same item has been changed to available Dec, 14


    if it was a joke it was not funny (:, but laughing is all I can do, right?

    Order still in process

  • @James

    You should provide some details.

    This is becoming a ridiculous scam. You have no objectives, no proportions. 400 packages have been launched, but how many are there really?

    I have still 0 info since 29th. You sold me your products with an estimated 7-10 day delivery time, we are at 20 days now. How long should I wait before I talk with my lawyer?

    Do we gonna receive the package before christmas, or not?

  • What a joke... 🤬

    Anything about real communication?

    "a backlog of 3 days in volume" does not mean anything

    "For Europe there were a total of 36,000 European orders that needed to be processed and have been processed due to Black Friday." mmmm, what do you mean by processed? My order seems to have been processed since the 25th, you took my money, said it's completely shipped, and started the warranty, that's right you processed my order, but where is my order?

    "There will be an update for those who ordered the V2.5 X Steering Wheel and have not yet received news on the shipping status." so making an update to announce an update, 3 weeks after orders for an item available in 4-7 days. 🤙

    Can you please at least be honest, and care about your customers?

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