Which wheel for GT7 on DD+

I plan to order the new DD+ for my PS5 / GT7 Setup, and i am still nicht aware which wheel will be the best buy.. i was looking for the 911 GT3 v2 wheel, but found the info on another website, that the OLED only show speed and gear, no lap times, no distance times to other drivers.. and a few buttons are useless or you can‘t use.. Does anybode in this forum use this wheel in GT7?

Now i think about buying the Formula 2.5? Does anybody own and use this wheel? Is it possible to use every button? I saw it in GT7 settings, but can‘t see, assignment of the both small wheels in the top left and right.. are there any functions assigned to them? How do i change settings in the MFD?

Is it possible to use the advanced Paddle Module on PS5 with GT7? Is it automatically recognized and i can assign functions in GT7?


  • 2.5 is nice, but small. I get cramps using it for too long. But it looks super cool

    I think the best all arounder wheel is the Clubsport RS. The 0nly issue I have with it is the Rev Lights stick out on the inside of the wheel and you can get caught by it.

    And last time I ran GT7 the Advanced Paddles were working. But I am not 100 percent sure if they work on a wheel that has them added as an update. I have them on my PS Formula wheel by default. I can't remember if I ever tried my custom wheel on it.

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    Hey v1n2. I use Formula 2.5 and McLaren V2 wheels with DD Pro 8nm. Here's my take:

    1) Formula 2.5, it has smaller diameter so you won't need as much wheel force IMO. DD+ is 15nm, so maybe an overkill. But supposedly DD+ will eventually have additional layer of force feedback (but not available for GT7 and at launch to my knowledge).

    Good = it's a nice wheel for Group 3, 4 cars. Group 2 or F1 cars, you'll feel it in arms for long races. Magnetic shifter that comes with it is nice and crisp. QR1 was included in the price (not sure if that's changed now with QR2).

    Bad = in GT7, button mapping does not match Podium F1 wheel, you have to use GT DD Pro wheel map for Formula 2.5. Rotary wheels near thumbs do work, but not mappable (left = fuel mix, right = brake balance), and sometimes you accidentally bump them when wheel is rotated far. Not a huge show stopper, but it is annoying at times.

    Though I do not have advance paddle module, yes, it does work. Youtuber (Digit) uses it with his F2.5.

    2) McLaren V2 wheel is my favorite, but you may have to modify it with 3rd party magnetic shifters if you don't like standard rocker shifter. Also does not come with QR1, only QR-lite(plastic)

    Good = 300mm, IMO best size for GT cars. Best price for what you get.

    Bad = does not come with QR1, only plastic QR-Lite. Some(not all) may prefer 3rd party magnetic shifters (additional ~$75-100)

    Obviously due to wheel designs, they probably won't work for drifting, but I can use them OK in dirt and snow races.

    Good luck!

  • The 911 GT3 wheel is my main wheel in GT7 using the DD Pro 8 - its a bit heavy but not an issue for me - the DD+ will more than handle it.

    Currently the button mapping in GT7 is limited because they use the Base to determine the layout, not the wheel. On the GT3 with APM & BME only the knobs are not recognized - all the other buttons, paddles, and toggles are recognized, but not necessarily assignable

    The advanced display functions on the BME used w the GT3 wheel are currently only usable when running on PC w Fanalab software - no PS5 game can use those functions, (ACC on PS5 does recognize all the controls, and uses the flag lights for TC and ABS activation but not the display add ons btw), so GT7 not unique in that regard. I really like the GT3 wheel

    Overall the CS RS is a good choice as well. Don’t use my Formula V2 wheel in GT7 much but all the time in F1 23 where it works well for me

    At some point GT7 will likely have a setup aimed at the DD+ but when and which wheels, who knows

  • to give my feedback to this topic.. thx a lot for your hints.. i ordered (and already received) the 2023 limited Formula Wheel and the Podium GT3 Wheel.. also the Shifter and the v3 pedals.. only waiting for the DD+.. i reload the My Order Page several times a day.. :-)

  • hello everyone

    it seems some specific PS5 wheels and bundles are on their way… but no official announcement or availabilty date yet…


  • I'm using v2.5x really like this wheel

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