Fanatec experts - Can you help me to understand QR1 & QR2 wheelbases, wheels, compatibility?

I mentioned earlier that I was bummed that I could not use the Fanatec CS DD base and CS Wheel RS that I just received because I only received a QR1 with my order. Yesterday I ordered a QR2*16gawvc*_up*MQ..*_ga*MjA4NDk1NDc5NS4xNzA2ODIzNTg0*_ga_Q6VYC4JPVE*MTcwNjgyMzU4My4xLjEuMTcwNjgyMzg5MC4wLjAuMA..

which I'm told should now solve my problem. I sure wish that during the order process that I was informed that I would indeed have to buy a QR2, otherwise I wouldn't be able to use my Fanatec products. Anyway, so going forward now, if I want to buy any other wheel from Fanatec, I will have to keep buying more QR2's. correct?

Thanks for helping a Fanatec newbie. :)


  • almost all wheels come with pre-installed QR1 and you need to buy a QR2 for every single one to use it with a QR2 wheel base.

    exceptions are BMW M4 GT3 and Monte Carlo Rally which are supposed to be delivered with QR2. My BMW M4 GT3 just arrived with QR2 while some other customers received an older version with QR1 but will get a QR2 because the BMW M4 GT3 was promised to get QR2 for free as soon as it‘s available.

    in the description of the Rally Sweden it‘s mentioned you can choose QR at checkout but if you do so you just add a QR2 for the exact same price as if ordered separately…

    All „old“ wheels will have a transition period of ~2 years until delivered with QR2 pre-installed.

    All „new“ wheels like the Bentley are supposed to have QR2 pre-installed.

  • Thanks for clarifying that for me. :) So once I get my QR2 next week, I'll finally get to use my DD and RS Wheel together. Sweet!

  • Yes. Which sucks because it adds $99 to your wheel order. QR1 was included with the price previously. QR2 should also be included. Or at the very least, greatly reduced with a bundle. Especially since they added about $100 to EVERYTHING about a year ago or so.

    Price creep is becoming aggressive @Fanatec

    There is plenty of places on the site that explain the compatibility, but it's not very clear for new customers. It wasn't even that clear for old customers until we dug through the details.

  • There are 2 types of quick release system (QR) parts:

    1. base-side
    2. wheelside

    Fanatec CSL DD base comes with QR1 base-side by default. So you need to get QR1-lite or QR1 wheelside to any compatible steering wheel. You need to double-check compatibility list of specifc wheel and make sure if it's not included in the bundle. I.e. with CSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC you can get QR1-lite for free. But at least what I read about it's recommended to user paid QR1 as it's much more reliable. If you have 8Nm CSL DD pack then defintely you should not consider QR1-lite at all.

    If you choose QR2 or QR2-lite wheelside then you need to upgrade the base-side as well. For CSL DD you need QR2 Base-Side (Type-C). Do not order QR2 Base-Side (Type-M) as it's compatibile with Podium bases only.

  • Thanks, everyone! Yeah, as a Fanatec newbie, it sure indeed can be confusing. If only I had found this forum first before I placed the order, I would have known to get the QR2 with everything. You live and you learn. I should be receiving the QR2 next Wednesday, and am looking forward to using everything with My Next Level Racing GTtrack and Motion Plus. Coming from a $500 Thrustmaster wheel and pedal setup, I can already see how much nicer built the Fanatec stuff is. :)

  • I've just noticed I overlooked something small but very important, having huge impact on one's purchase choice. Maybe it's not important for you, Sean as you already made the order for QR2 wheel-side but my answer could mislead others. So it might especially be userful for newbees on the forum. There's very similar abbreviation for two products which are having different torque:

    1. CSL DD - 5 or 8Nm depending if Boost Kit 180 is included or not. Comes with QR1 base-side by default. And there Important difference between QR1 Lite and QR1 - the QR1 Lite Wheel-Side is not compatible with ClubSport Steering Wheels due to the torque detection pin.
    2. CS DD - abbreviation of ClubSport DD which has 12Nm torque. Comes with QR2 base-side by default.

    I'm providing a link to the Fanatec product guide which explains more details about QR2 mounting system - QR2 | Fanatec

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