CSL Clubsport V2.5 or CSL DD with power boost?

I'm currently facing a situation where my order with Fanatec is stuck in "Handover to warehouse." However, setting that aside, here's my dilemma:

There's a local seller offering to sell me their Clubsport V2.5 for $150, and it's in mint condition. After doing some research, I've learned that the difference between the CSL DD (with power boost) and the Clubsport V2.5 isn't significant in terms of an upgrade. So, I'm presented with the choice of either purchasing the V2.5 or placing a new order for the CSL DD "ready to race" and ensuring I upgrade the quick release, which is currently in stock.

If you were in my position, what course of action would you recommend? My intention is to initially use this equipment with my Xbox Series X, but I also plan to transition to PC gaming eventually. While I do understand that the Clubsport V2.5 is discontinued, at $150, it seems like a deal that's hard to pass up.


  • Hard decision. i have bought a csl dd 8nm and i can tell you that difference is not that huge. the csw 2,5 is still a good base for 150 euros. I will newer sell mine. if the csl dd breaks i have a back up. i recommend the metal qr1 on the csw 2.5. Always had problems wit qr1 lite.

    the csl dd is smoother but it´s no night and day difference. I only bought the csl dd because i paid with a 25% discount 225 Euros for the 8nm. maybe it´s better to buy the CSW and later you can buy a direct drive wheel with more than 8nm. 8 nm is the minumun that a DD should have. All That 3 or 5 nm bases are to weak for the details.

    buts your choice if you buy new you have warranty.

  • Appreciate the response. I ended up ordering the "ready to race" bundle, realized that the CSL DD gets discounted down to $199, I got the boost kit as well. I may still buy the used V2.5 as a backup as well, great idea. I upgraded the QR too, the lite is on backorder and won't ship till end of March and don't want my order to get stuck like my first order has with the QR lite.

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