QR-2 base-side Type-M installation issue on DD1


I'm opening a support ticket for this but thought I might check here too.

I'm having issues installing the QR2 base-side type-M on my DD1 (Podium racing wheel F1).

The original QR1 base-side shaft is easy to slide in and out of the wheel base.

The QR2 base-side shaft is very difficult and gets stuck before fully seated.

The shaft collar has been completely loosened when attempting the installation, so it should not be a factor.

The QR2 shaft is going in straight, as there is no perceptible wobble when spinning the shaft.

Has anyone run into this issue?


  • MadDog-ICMadDog-IC Member
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    After connecting the two connectors, You have to twist the QR shaft a few turns before inserting into the motor, this is so the connector wires pull up shorter and shorter (Possibly 5 - 10 twists), I haven't done it myself yet, so not quite sure. If the wires aren't shortened enough by the twisting then the two plugs will hit something inside the motors internals, hence why the shaft doesn't go in fully.

  • Thanks for the recommendation! I have been following the Fanatec video guides instructions, so I did twist the shaft for ~10 turns. Unfortunately the shaft still would not go in (over several different tries).

    Along with that, there is an immediate difference in the amount of force needed to insert the QR2 shaft compared to the QR1 shaft, even the initial part of insertion, so I'm not sure if this would be caused by the wires.

  • I had a difficult time too. It is tight, but i also turned it a few more times. The trick for me was to get enough of the cable turned to want to get out of the way while pushing the shaft in.

  • Mine went in with no issues. You might try putting the M shaft in the freezer for a hour. Might be enough to coax it in place.

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