I need the DD Extreme ring

I'm making this post because I know there are people at Fanatec who see the posts, and I want them to be aware that many people who pre-ordered the DD+ would have bought the DD Extreme if it had been available at the same time.

I want the ring, please sell it to me separately, even if it's at a slightly higher price. After waiting for months for the DD+ to start shipping, I can't just jump into the refund process and then wait again for the DD Extreme... SOLUTIONS, NOT PROBLEMS, PLEASE.


  • The wheel wont be sold separately.

  • Dustin GDustin G Member
    edited February 9

    Is that a Sony thing?

    why not have the dd extreme for preorder at the same time as the dd+. Makes no dam sense.

  • How about the new f1 wheel. Is it bundled, or sold separately? When does it come out?

  • Yeah but "vegan leather".

    Fanatec have pandered to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR. I object to be forced to pander to the retards that are vegans in order to have the wheel I want.

  • My DD+ that I ordered last week was still in process and I was able to cancel. I just ordered the extreme and it shows in stock for US. Some times procrastination pays off.

  • Mate, it's just some marketing spin on the decision to use a cheap material to keep the cost down. I'm more concerned about the disappointing amount of flex you can see in the rim. If anything Polyphony/Sony are probably more to blame than Fanatec anyway.

  • That flex will not hurt the wheel. i finde it extremly laughable to put forces on the wheel which never happen on normal use. For that price with that features you can´t expect more. What fanatec really needs is a 30 cm Clubsport GT wheel with led like the simagic GT neo. they sponsoring a GT3 Series and have no wheel to buy for a good price 300-400 euros. The McLaren GT3 is great but after 5 years a new one would be more than welcome. i hope fanatec earn enough money with that Gran turismo stuff, so they can develop new stuff for clubsport range.

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