money charged and no order created

On January 8th I placed an order and the charge was made but it was not recorded on the website

fanatec does not answer my emails and I am without money and without an order and without any way to contact these people

This is not how you treat your clients who place their trust and their money

I am very angry with the brand and with the terrible treatment I am receiving from them. Meanwhile I am without an order and without €2000, that is stealing with white gloves.

Please respond to my emails and solve my situation now because your behavior is very unprofessional.


  • Seems they don't update the order on their website even after it's been delivered. When I received mine, it still shows "handed overed to warehouse" lol

    Did your order have the QR1 lite?

  • It's just that it wasn't even recorded on the website. An error occurred on the fanatec website and they charged me on the card but the order was not recorded in the store.

  • You can speed things up by contacting your credit card provider, bank or PayPal, i.e. the service provider you paid with.

    Otherwise you will have to wait for customer service to review your order and respond to you, but it could take months.

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