still waiting on my refund

its been 2 weeks since i canceled my order of the dd+ and still no refund amount i now excalated it to paypall itself because 2 weeks ??


  • Customer service has a huge backlog, and is generally undersized compared to the amount of work it has to handle. Refunds, technical failures, incorrect shipments, or any issue that needs to be verified by customer service are heavily delayed. It has been like this since August 2023, due to the black friday of November 2023 (retroactive effect?) and because of the computer.

  • Its probably a hit and miss thing with Fanatec .

    I ordered yesterday afternoon, decided to cancel in the evening and this morning my Paypal was refunded.

    Based in Netherlands

  • Oder glück.


    Ich bin jetzt in der Unbestimmtheit Falle

    Unbestimmt wann ich mein Rückerstattung bekomme unbestimmt wann ich endlich das Produkt bekomme.

    Danke da wollte ich nicht hin super!

  • last time it dod only take 2 days to get my refund its strange

  • Because the first time the system worked automatically. If there are no problems everything works quickly. But if for some reason the intervention of a Fanatec employee is needed to resolve a problem, it will be very slow. They are understaffed and too busy.

    Open a dispute with your credit card, this will speed up the process.

  • I did after a week still waiting !!!!1000 bucks omg and actually glad i canceled when i see that extreme bundle they just launches i would be mad if my dd+ would have arrived and i cant get that new shiny rim with it

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