QR2 Lite kann plötzlich 15NM?

Wie kann es sein das bei dem DD Extreme Bundle ein QR 2 Lite dabei ist und das jetzt plötzlich die 15NM der DD+ kann?

Dachte das QR2 Lite, aus Plastik, schafft das nicht.

Komme mir echt verarscht vor.


  • QR1 lite should handle also 8nm, however we to are also in this weird situation where people qr pins break down in past, and not only that

  • that 15NM what they tell for qr2 lite is more like what your own feeling in the stomach tells you.

    and my stomach tells, i better buy the metal one

  • Qr1 lite is not comparable to qr2lite

    That qr1lite break like this is not the normal case. But I would not recommend to use one.

    If you look at the features of the gt xtreme wheel fanatec must use the qr2lite to release that price. Nobody knoes the contract details between fanatec and sony. When I buy a base and wheel for 1300 I should have 100 extra for a metal qr2. I can't believe that it will get a go from Sony if the qr can't handle the force

    But you can be sure that some people manage to break it.

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
    edited February 11

    i not say tho that QR2 lite cant handle it. what i more talk is how long actually it can handle

    if you look boostmedia video, you see that QR2 lite . little pit moves when he pushes hardly

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