Help with order stuck in Processing

Hi All,

I know you’ve probably all had this asked a million times but I’m new to the sim community, but I’ve tried contacting Fanatec my order still stuck on processing, but everything shows in stock ready to ship for Australia.

everything I ordered:

CSL DD (5nm)

CSL Pedals & Load Cell Kit


ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 X


  • When did you order yours? If you ordered it on black Friday they are having problems with fulfilling their orders since black friday, same reason they are not responding to emails. if you ordered yours recently i would cancel but even that right now is hard. For suggestion of what else to go with is moza or simagic, moza is a cheaper option and simagic is a lot better down the line if you are going all out but since your new moza is a great option, they do have bundles similar to fanatec aswell.

  • I’ve ordered mine 8 days ago, & then was all in stock & now still all in stock so not sure what the delay is?.. haha

    yeah I had a look at Moza, it’s a good option but I’ve always said when I build my setup I’ll get Fanatec so just stuck with it

  • Did you order through the U.S. site? It says the 2.5x is in stock but it isn’t. That is what is holding your order up same as mine and many others. From the email I received it will be late February or March before those will be ready and they won’t send any part of the order until all are available.

  • That one could be wrong as well, a friend told me the eu site says available for pre order or something to that effect. Just messed up right now but the 2.5x is why you are still in processing..I ordered the CS DD, CSL Elite pedals, the F1 2.5x and the shifter on Black Friday. They need to update on this, can’t believe it’s taking this long to produce these wheels.

  • Hi.

    I had a nightmare time two month early. I didn't know anything the my order.I was sad and angry + the I didn't have any information from courier as well.I waited two month,I thought my parcel is losted or .....

    After two months, my package arrived safely. I thought it was important to share this with you because while I was waiting for my package and time just passed and nothing happened, I shared my frustration on the forum in the form of a message. Since luckily it was resolved my problem and I am still using the products, I thought I would share this with you. 

    That's fair, I think.

    Thank you FANATEC

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