Nearly 3 Months Without a word on my DD2 Order

I order a DD2 and pedals back on November 21 and it is now going on 3 months without a word about my order. No tracking number, no response to my 5 or so emails. I shouldn't have to come to the forum to find out where my order is.

The fact that I continue to receive marketing emails about new releases is an absolute joke. What an awful company.

Fanatec, where is my order??


  • 3 months and no response to anything? I suggest you cancel your order and initiate a charge back ASAP.

  • Hi .

    I had a nightmare time two month early. I didn't know anything the my order.I was sad and angry + the I didn't have any information from courier as well.I waited two month,I thought my parcel is losted or .....

    After two months, my package arrived safely. I thought it was important to share this with you because while I was waiting for my package and time just passed and nothing happened, I shared my frustration on the forum in the form of a message. Since luckily it was resolved my problem and I am still using the products, I thought I would share this with you. 

    That's fair, I think.

    Thank you FANATEC

  • im clad you get your order, they to had/have issue with communication perhaps too many messages.

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