How to get in contact with Fanatec?

I ordered a QR2 Base-Side (Type-C) and Button Cap/Sticker set back on Nov 24, 2023. It is still stuck in 'The order is in process'. I have tried using the online form, email, and calling but no luck. Does anyone have any advice on getting ahold of Fanatec? After getting the deal on the QR2, i ended up ordering 4 quick releases, a rim, and pedals and they all showed up already. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


  • I think at this point the only way to get in touch with them is to drive to their HQ wherever you are and walk into their office. I'm sure they've seen all the emails they're getting, they just choose to ignore them.

  • I want to know as well. I've tried it all, well, except for driving down to Germany...

    I did order 2x the QR2 base-side, like many other, in the BF back in november. I did receive ONE of them... the other one was fucked up by UPS, in spite of having the same adress they somehow managed to NOT send it to me.

    And now it's shipped back since easily a month ago, and I get nothing back from contacting Fanatec.

    This company is so, so bad at communications.

  • Same issue, received defective wheelbase, send it back, replacement was never delivered, waiting since November for a resolution.

  • Markus, totally agree on the communication piece. i really appreciated when they were posting the BF shipping updates but that stopped 2 months ago.

  • I bought several things on Black Friday, 1 part arrived and the other part according to UPS has been lost, I have sent fanatec more than 5 emails demanding the attached material and they don't even answer, they send you the automatic message without a response, a friend asked me what such is fanatec my answer is good material bad people

    MY ORDER NR. WAS 1823079  


  • you really should not show your personal stuff like product serial numbers

  • I love the automated response you get back that it will take 3-5 days to get back to you. Seems to be more 3-5 months at this point.

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