ClubSport Steering Wheel V 2.5 X - Order Fuflilment Update



  • Lucky guy!! Nothing happens here -.- 1840XXX

  • my order from 24.11. 1839xxx is still not sent, also no tracking Numbers only handed over to the warehouse.

    i m from germany,

    Has anyone received their order who only ordered the steering wheel with qr1 ?

    it seems like their sending first the orders with more than just one Item ordered, regardless of whether it was ordered later

  • I don't think that is the case. My order is also from the 24th. First whole setup from Fanatec, so multiple items. Confirmed by invoice and set on completely shipped on the 27th. Still handover to warehouse right now.

    I was so hoping to also get it with this batch. But up untill now, no UPS reference hit and no change in my account.

    Ordernumber is also in the 1838xxx. Residential in Netherlands.

  • Same situation for me, but I live in italy and I am some orders after yours, 1840xxx

  • So... worst-case scenario, if the availability date on the EU Fanatec website for the V2.5x is February 29th, we are all going to receive our orders at the start of the next month, right?

  • I can’t give you any solid information, but following a logical explanation it should be so

  • Am I unjustly worried now, I do see the QR1 is out of stock untill the end of March? What does it mean for those who placed an order and first needed to wait for the 2.5x..

    I'm getting stressed and a bit sick of it. Still waiting from BF.. Please let it be true, as you stated in the emails, that the articles will be reserved for those who made the orders. Hopefully the orders can be released although the site says that QR1 is not in stock anymore.

  • Hi all,

    I can gladly report that I have just successfully received my BF order placed on Nov 24th containing Formula V2.5x steering wheel. Thank you Fanatec!

    However, I have charged twice during the order creation, assuming due to server overload. Up until now I have received no reaction on my countless emails I sent to customer support. @james can you help? Anyone experienced same issue?

    Thank you.


  • For a long time I have the feeling that I am in a fairy tale that will have no end! We are all stuck like mice in a spinning wheel driven by ourselves. The money has already been taken and someone else has been enjoying it for a long time and we are waiting for something that is not there. An order of more than 4-5 Items can be endlessly delayed on the pretext that one of all 4-5 Items is currently missing, and so the tale continues without end, and the free credit continues to be used. I thank Fanatec and hope for their morale and my loyalty. 👏🤝

  • In the email they stated they reserved the product for us who have ordered

  • Matteo AversaMatteo Aversa Member
    edited February 15

    Anyway I’m trying to contact them and have a confirmation of this reservation thing, as soon as I get an answer I will post the result here, so we don’t overload the CS

  • This morning I received an e-mail from Fanatec with shipping information.

    A short time later, UPS rang my doorbell and brought me 4 packages.

    Thanks Fanatec that everything worked out after all.

    Order 18290xx from 24.11.: V2.5x received! 😍

  • thank you! Hopefully you will get a response, I am waiting from December for a response (and I have not spammed them yet, but they sure are almost provoking it)..

  • I tried to contact them through email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, but unfortunately.

    I'm eager to learn how to successfully reach out to them, as I've been attempting to make contact since early December. Despite witnessing numerous individuals successfully communicate with them, I've had no luck whatsoever.

  • I'm in the exact same situation as you. The system has shown the warranty date, but they haven't shipped the product at all. And when I want to cancel the order, they keep repeating the same thing to me, and I don't know what to do.

  • oO the v2.5x isnt shown at the shopsite any more ...

  • Jep.. I honestly do not know what the hell is going on with their thousands of systems which do not communicate together..

    At least we got a good response rate from customers service.. 🙄🤣

  • It is regrettable, even deplorable this non-communication concerning the management of our orders, I have since 24 November an order waiting to be processed for an amount of $ 1700, I accumulate the winning combo with the DD + and now the Wheell 2.5x which blocks the whole of my order and the release of other components that I ordered that come in and out of stock, it can last indefinitely this story it will always lack a component to complete my shipment, I have the impression.

    There's no way of contacting them and getting answers to our queries, it's my worst customer experience and we find ourselves in an abstruse trap...

    If by any chance a sensible person from Fanatec were to read these few lines, please contact me to give me precise instructions on how to process my order so that we can stop speculating on what is really going on and give us some feedback on the likely delivery times. I think that 3 months is enough time to process a 1700€ order and to have a minimum of consideration and communication on your part.


  • The worst thing is that since then I've ordered another wheel which I've received and which I can't use, and that all the components, even the DD+, have been sorted out with this SONY licence issue... which means that if the policy of sending the whole order was applied, I could wait and enjoy my setup without the 2.5x wheel, but in the end I've got a wheel which is of no use to me, whereas all the components could be sent to me apart from the wheel.

    You are creating ubiquitous and anxiety-provoking situations with this policy, which only adds to the Brownian effect and a pile of legitimate questions from your customers for those who are still being held hostage, which you are unable to deal with.

    And you don't prioritise cases in any way, your simple FIFO is not credible and there will always be something missing to complete a large order with several items. Tomorrow the wheel will be there but there will still be a QR2 missing because I don't have the impression that you're able to really set aside and reserve the components of orders placed for your customers and complete them. Be a bit logical and state your policy and strategy. If these orders are built up you should be able to contact customers about them and give a weekly progress report.

    Best regards

  • Honestly at this point we can’t do anything else than just waiting, even if it is what we’ve been doing for the past 2 months, they have to send the order sooner or later

  • Exceptional conditions call for exceptional measures, and I can understand that your systems are poorly interfaced between your CMR, order tools and ERP.

    You contacted us to inform us of the situation so that we could decide on a survey and define whether we wanted to confirm our purchase or abandon our order, so you have a known backlog and the associated order numbers,

    You should be able, with a simple tool or XLS if nothing else, to automatically and easily contact batches of customers for the weeks to come between the time you told us about the situation and how many, depending on your production capacity and supply chain, who and when the orders will be processed, you have them a bug either, but here you do not seem able and do not show professionalism and discredit all your service.

    Your products are good, otherwise you wouldn't have so many orders, but all I can suggest is that you deal correctly with an exceptional crisis situation, now concerning just one item and a backlog of previous orders - vote communication. You haven't been handling it properly for 3 months,

    You don't reply to anyone via your service, so what are the employees of this customer relations service used for since you don't reply to anything or anyone. Don't make me believe that in 3 months you couldn't have assigned someone to this task who could have resolved the situation and communicated on this very subject.

    How do you manage the orders issued and how is your stock managed without being able to communicate clearly on this?

    I think these are all legitimate questions, given the lack of transparency in your communication: 400 components, then 700, without giving a slice of the order numbers or dates, or what future capacity you have.

    I don't understand any of it ... you just tell us: go and look at your order, it's stressful, I thank you for this stress DD+ and now for the 2.5x wheel and for having put 2400€ in your hands without knowing when my order will be honoured by you.

    Once again my worst customer experience, but you don't seem more interested than that in resolving your proven shortcomings on several aspects.


  • It is a joke! now the Clubsport V2.5X is no longer in the Fanatec EU site! signals?

  • They're most likely doing something in the background... This happened after BF too, but the product page came back in a few days or so... Don't worry...

  • Maybe in order to not take new orders with that steering wheel

  • Or new V3 on the way...

  • Order number: 1827xxx

    Ordered on: Nov. 24th, 13:32

    Status: still nothing

  • Guys it’s real. It really exists.

    ps. Order 1831XXX placed on 24th Nov 15:25

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