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  • fanatec, would you like to ask if my Black Friday items have been delivered to the Milky Way?? The order was placed on November 22, 2023 and handed over to the warehouse on January 19, 2024. When will the logistics and delivery be created? 1811898

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    Hi Neal, we’d like to apologize. There was a misconfiguration on our website regarding the CSL DD BMW Bundle. It happened that a separate QR1 Lite gets added to the shopping cart, even though the CSL Steering Wheel BMW already comes pre-attached with the QR1 Lite. As the QR1 Lite as a separate unit is currently sold out in the US and EU until March, your entire order was waiting for this product to come back in stock. Even though your order as such was in stock and will ship. We have escalated your concern with Customer Care, so they can fix and release your order.

    Also, since we became aware, we have fixed this error and improved our product pages with information regarding the availability of our QR1 Lite and how it can affect the availability of products that show “ships within 4-7 days” for certain CSL Steering Wheels and CSL DD Bundles.

    Your Fanatec Team

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    James, could you please check my order from 25.11.2023. Order No.: 1847399.

    17.12.2023. I issued cancelation email and since then no one answered me. Also, I was instructed that upon cancellation I would receive a 25% voucher that I never got. If you could please contact someone from the support team I would appreciate it. If the only option is to cancel the order, then please do so as I am unable to cancel it on my side since December 2023.

    Can you please check with someone from support team to contact me, issue refund and provide me a vaucher so I can finalize my order.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Tip #2 for them, make them provide the tracking numbers so they show up on our orders page and we don't have to rely on having a FedEx account. My order is supposed to arrive today or tomorrow according to FedEx and I wouldn't know that if it wasn't for my FedEx account and these items require a signature.

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    Hi Viktorija, we’d like to apologize that you are still waiting for confirmation on your order cancellation and for your 25% voucher. We still have a few questions regarding your orders and we’ve sent you a direct message.

    Your Fanatec Team

  • Is this why I still have not received my DD+ ordered on Oct 21st?

  • James - could you clarify and provide a more realistic timeframe for delivery of orders that are impacted by the warehouse move? I’m new to fanatec and have been giving the company benefit of doubt for the last two months but I’m frankly frustrated at new revelations that continue to impact delivery of orders, not to mention a CEO who clearly doesn’t know what is going on within his own company (referring to the last post where Thomas seems to be implying you can cancel your orders but you clearly cannot) and boneheaded business planning to move warehouse around the holiday season.

    I understand that fanatec has leverage in the market given its partnership with Sony and you can afford to make comments such as “We hope we can count on your understanding”. I would really appreciate if you don’t treat your customers like idiots.

  • @james I have a pre-order from october 21st 11:18am , it was handed over to warehouse on the 7th of february for the CLubsport DD plus i pre ordered, in hopes of getting it in a timeley manner. How is it that new orders are shipping out with tracking numbers and customers who have ordered after some october CLubsport DD Plus customer are getting their new bases before us. I thought these shipments were going by cycle and order date processing. I am not trying to be rude or anything but it would be nice if the pre order customers can receive their bases in a timely manner. I cant cancel my order i was debating ordering another Clubsport DD plus with overnight shipping and processing a return and chargeback, but thats something a loyal customer should not have to do to receive what they paid for. Do I really have to wait until the end of February to hopefully receive a tracking number or the product I pre paid for with a credit card ?

  • I'm in the same boat as many. Order turned over to warehouse, no tracking. For a regular old CSL 5nm wheelbase on a warranty replacement.

  • I have been waiting for a refund for almost three months. I am sorry you have been having a hard time getting your orders out, finding orders, needing to move, etc................................. but, when I can provide you with delivery confirmation information - this is no longer a me problem. I cannot believe the amount of time it has taken and constant communication I have TRIED to have with this Company, only to be ignored. I am only one person, but this is a big deal for me. I am so disappointed in this Company.

  • Hello,

    I have been waiting since Nov 24th for my order with no update. i was charged but it still stuck in 'The order is in process'. The order is just QR 2 wheel side (USB C) and a sticker pack. Both are showing ready to ship. Can someone at Fanatec please respond?

  • @james

    I'm still waiting on any sort of update on my order in the USA #1822434 from Nov 23rd that was sent to invoice on Nov 25th, all items in stock with no pre order, no oversold items, no bugged items, or anything like that. Only items on the order were Xbox universal hub, advanced paddles and button caps. I have sent 6 emails now over the last 80+ days and every time I get a generic "sorry" message without any real update specific to my order. I have even posted a few times in the last few blog updates and no one is helping.

    You guys are now moving warehouses and I'm afraid the entire order is completely lost at this point. Please send someone to help, I literally have absolutely no options here because email support simply refuses to help. And what's even more frustrating is the interview with Thomas on YouTube, he said all BF orders have shipped, which is entirely incorrect. SOME ONE PLEASE HELP. Thank you.

  • James, please check on my order # 1859596. It was just recently handed over to the warehouse, but with all the delays, and recent comments, I don't know if that actually means that it will be shipped out any time soon. It is a QR2 Base Side Type-C and 2 QR2 Wheel sides. They have all shown as in stock for weeks now and no responses to any of the methods I have tried to reach out. Thanks.

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    I sent an RMA to the California location. It's been received and a replacement order has been generated (February 9th). However, it is still sitting as "in progress" with the red check box.

    When can I expect this order to ship? Will it ship from Texas or California? Why in the course of 5 business days has there been absolutely no progress made on my order?

    I began the RMA process on January 10th. 36 days is frankly an unreasonable amount of time to replace a defective item, especially what could be considered a higher-end technology product. That's not taking into account the indefinite amount of time it is going to take for Fanatec to ship my item and the shipping time (at this point, I'd be shocked if I see my base and QR2 back before the 50-day mark).

    Every attempt at communication with Fanatec feels like pissing into the wind. So, while I don't expect anything to come from this post, it sure would be nice.

  • @James

    Since this is new information that came out after the fact and my order has been sitting at the warehouse for over a week with zero indication of when it may actually be shipped. I would like to cancel my order and get a refund. However the website will not let me cancel since it has already went to the warehouse. But even your own AI bot when asked about cancelations says that you may cancel up until the point of it being shipped.

    I have reached out to support but have not heard back, Please escalate my request to cancel my order and refund me my money ASAP. I will be calling my credit card company soon to report fraud.

  • @james

    I placed an order on 2/8/24 order # 1915104 . I ordered a CSL DD BMW bundle along with a load cell and pedal tuning kit and paid for overnight shipping and on 2/13/24 i received only the pedal tuning kit and nothing else in my order has even been received by Fedex. ( I thought partial shipment weren't possible? ) I have tired several times and several different methods to reach out an find out if i can expect to see these in the near future or will i be waiting an unknown amount of time? I am extremely frustrated by the complete lack of customer service, it would be one thing for the items to have been delayed and had been informed of the issue but to be informed of nothing since my order confirmation is insane for a company of this magnitude. I never even received a tracking number or shipping confirmation via email or the website and only found it by searching the reference number. I have started the claim process with Paypal due to the lack of communication and will be seeking refund if no contact is made soon or items are not shipped in the next few business days. I was very much looking forward to my first wheel and this is very disappointing.

  • Now the DD+ is ready to ship at US site, however, I preordered at Jan 24 and need to wait till 28 Feb but not ready to ship? @Fanatec what is FIFO? Should you ship all preordered first?

  • Order 1899019

    Jan 15th- ordered CSL DD R2R bmw bundle with csl pedald and load cell pedal

    Jan 16th- order went to handover to warehouse

    No communications since then, not even the email some people got about the qr1 lite delay issue.

    Sent multiple comms through the fanatec website with only automated messages saying orders ship out typically within 4-7 days of order placed. I try not to laugh at the ridiculous auto replies. Now I find out through this blog it was incorrect ordering system that has been causing delays for so many customers when the qr1 lite is already preinstalled.

    Went to PP to try and get a refund but need to wait until the 26th to escalate the issue.

  • @James

    I placed an order back in January that got held up due to the unavailability of the QR1 Lite. I was only able to figure this out from information posted on Reddit. You responded to a post there suggesting I submit a request to cancel my order through your website's contact form and place a separate order with an upgrade to a QR1.

    I did this last Thursday. The first order still has not been cancelled. The second order was put in the "Handed to Warehouse" status on Monday and has not changed since. This means, I have two paid for orders in limbo.

    Please tell us what type of delays we should really expect as a result of this warehouse move that you apparently decided to do overnight with no prior knowledge... because surely, Fanatec would have updated the advertised shipping times on the website if it was planned in advance.

  • I’m a patient person and understand all that’s going on but this is getting ridiculous. I ordered on BF and show moved to warehouse over for the last week and a half and still no updates. Now I may have to wait another two weeks? Man I wish I wasn’t tied into PS5/PSVR2. The competition needs to add PS5 to their bases or build a go-between certified hub accessory with the PS5 security. ($1800+ on this order and no confidence I’ll ever see it before another reason for delay is posted).

  • Lmaoo im getting one package today, but from how FedEx describes the size and weight im guessing im not getting even half of my order. F

  • Logistics still need work and so does the website information on availability. My entire order is held up by a shifter. When I order, it said preorder for February 14th. On February 14th it said, available February 26th. I reached out to customer service and they told me today the cargo won’t arrive until February 28th but the website still says it’ll be available on the 26th. They should at least give the option to ship the rest of the order. The shifter was an accessory. It isn’t necessary to get up and going as long as they shipped the rest of my order that said available when I ordered.

  • my DD+ came to me today, no tracking info updated yet. I am in California and order date is 10/23.

  • Here for the bad, and now for the good. Order from US, California.

    It's finally here. Now if I can have my McLaren wheel, pls and thx..

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    Can you please check why only my wheel arrived? I paid for overnight shipping and FedEx only delivered the wheel. What am I supposed wo do with the wheel, no base and/or pedals to play with. This is ridiculous, no other tracking info has shown up in my FedEx account. My order number is #1915121. I've tried to get in contact with anyone at the company but nobody is there to listen, stop ignoring us. We just wanna play.

    Everything in my order still says that is ready to ship. Stop lying to us, give us updates, or at least let people cancel their orders. This is so frustrating, literally thousands of dollars spent with you guys and you cant even let us know about all these delays and changes happening before we order.

    I'll just play with the buttons until PP gets done with my refund because i cant deal with any of your company's "excuses"

  • I'm glad yours came in though unexpected. This is another case of the lack of tracking numbers either on the fedex side or the fanatec side. Hope you enjoy.

  • I felt pissed off for past several days after the Sony's approval but I am so excited now. Hope everyone gets their DD+ soon.

    Please Fanatec, make the new Gran Turismo steering wheel available separately for those of who pre-ordered DD+ for reasonable price. I bought F1 23 steering wheel but need a round one so I will get it right away if available.

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