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  • Seung, I was thinking about the extreme wheel but if you think about it if you are able to spend a little more you can end up with a better wheel. I was thinking at first I was upset about not having the option to get the round wheel, but when you look at the cost of the extreme and all they give you is the wheel for 300 bucks more that money could be better spent getting the McLaren wheel with a metal QR2 at the same cost or going with something a little more. The display is nice in the extreme wheel and the rev display as well. The older GT wheel has held up for many users if you take out the QR1 so it should last overall.

    I was thinking of waiting a bit and using the 2023 F1 wheel I also got and then a bit later go out and get one of the podium wheels when they hopefully offer it a option of selecting either the QR1 or QR2. It doesn't make any sense for Fanatec to offer podium level equipment and not have that option without increasing costs. But even at around 600 bucks, it still is more than double than the extreme wheel but you get so much more out of it in my opinion. Glad your wait is over.

    btw, I don't think they can sell the wheel separately according to the post by the CEO. Something to do about licensing but who knows since this whole situation was messed up. There have been a few reviews of the new extreme wheel and most are kinda neutral about it. I think if the extreme kit came with pedals too for the extra 300 then it would be a no brainer but since it's only a wheel on top of the base kinda hard to spend that kind of money on a plastic wheel and QR2 also. I know there will be some people who are going to say the plastic is fine, but plastic usually stress hardens over time. The last thing you want is that thing to snap while connected to the rig and break the pins or worse. But also if you are going to spend that much money the look and feel are important too so having a more solid wheel might be worth the investment.

  • Order 1899019

    Tried to contact Fanatec with the info James provided on the QR1 lite added to bundles automatically to fix my order. And Fanatec did not disappoint with the most pointless automated messages. I just need that damn QR1 lite removed from my CSL DD r2r BMW bundle to release my order but I guess they only fix it if you complain enough on here.

  • they already tell that they can't sell Gran Turismo steering wheel separately

  • Order 1899019

    Well shit. If your order was impacted by their dumb QR1 lite situation, now its the csl DD thats out of stock now.

  • Brian JamesBrian James Member
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    Hello, I also ordered the BMW Bundle as it was in stock, my ordered was changed to 'Handover to Warehouse' on Feb 8th, I placed my order on the 7th. What does that status actually mean, are the physical items of my order processed and awaiting shipping? or is my order only 'processed' as in, the transaction made and invoice sent to warehouse? I just want to know, is my order held up awaiting oversold components, like QR1 lite? If so, could one simply get a QR1 aluminum added to their order, pay the difference and be on their way? or cancel the order and reorder with an aluminum QR1, etc. to get their shipment in a reasonable time?

  • This company is a fucking joke. Disrespectfully

  • Hi @James,

    I received my black Friday order today for the dd1 bundle but the warehouse had shipped me the qr1 version and i only have the qr2 adapters. wasn't i suppose to get the dd1 with qr2? how do i get this fixed? also i sent a message through sales today as well. My order number is 1858556

    Thank You


  • My CSDD e "Order status" changed into "Handover to warehouse" in 12/02, a weed past,still not received Tracking number。

    why you company already start Count Warranty Expiration Date when you were not ship the prodect!!!!

    if you dont send or no track number,please do not change Order status,and also please change shop item status into proorder. please do not Fraud consumers

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    same as your situation.Let me see when can we receive our stuff.

  • @James

    Can you confirm that the GT DD Extreme’s are at the US warehouse? When I ordered it showed “ready to ship” but it has been a week now since warehouse handover. Are we just waiting on the warehouse because it is backed up with orders? Thank you.

  • I am in the same situation, ordered on the 9th and handover to warehouse on the 12th. Fanatec can screw things up better than anyone. After a failed launch of the DD+ and then announce the Extreme as ready to ship they decide its a great time to move the US warehouse. It would not surprise me at all that the pick sheets are still on the printer in CA while the product is on a truck in New Mexico. The only reason this company is surviving is the licensing with X Box and PS. Anyone on PC only should be looking at Simucube and Simagic.

  • Dear Fanatec,

    I will be canceling my order if my order has not shipped by the 28th in which it states that the available date of my order is February 28th. By this time it will be 2 months since I forked over 2k to you. Sorry, I tried being patient but now this is just getting stupid. I really hope that you can have this shipped soon because I am really looking forward to this new wheel base!

  • well. if look map then Texas by default is better place than Canada for transport

  • CA in my reply was for California, only 40 miles from me. Sorry I wasn't clear.

  • So now what?

    The people that have a CSL DD bundle order have to go through what the BF people had to go through?

    Apparently the CSL DD is now available after MARCH 27TH, and no announcements have been made, no answers, no statements, only dead silence. I thought if one item was unavailable then the whole order was held but i received my wheel, however the rest of my order is in LIMBO. Wtf am i supposed to do with a wheel, no base, no pedals, no clamp, no Qr1 either, even after upgrading because the lite was oversold. This company should be investigated, there's no way all this shit goes down without any form of consequence. And the best part about it, they are so faceless, they wont even talk to their customers. I cant believe how people make them money and they just abandon them. Shame on you @Thomas and you too @James. Piss poor scammers.

  • @James,

    I was told that the only reason that my wheel has not shipped was because of the QR1 Lite (which was not included in my order). Everything in my order states ready to ship on the website. Is this bait and switch? Because if that is so, there are multiple consumer protection laws that protect me from this very thing.

    I e-mailed back the very day that I received this communication via e-mail, but I still have yet to hear back. That is why I am coming here for answers as well.

  • I ordered CSL DD, 8Nm booster, CSL Pedals, BMW steering wheel, and a table clamp on the 9th. Today is the 18th and no tracking number. Just says “Handover to warehouse.”

    Everything I ordered was IN STOCK.

    I did this on purpose so I could get my stuff quickly. I’m not waiting weeks or months.

    What are my options? Fanatec has been radio silent.

  • Hi James.

    all of this is understandable. what is not understandable is how come no communication was sent? I pre ordered the M4 GT3 wheel back in early December. it's been sitting at warehouse status for 2 months now. Sent many emails.. DMs...called... STILL no answer. this is the type of service you'd expect from a shell company operating within the deep web. not Fanatec. The damage this whole fiasco caused will last a long time. Now here I am. spent THOUSANDS on Fanatec eco system. I already reached out to my bank in attempt to dispute the charges. It is embracing that I have to go to the forums to get information on an order from a company as reputable as Fanatec.

  • This is all hilarious, so @James, is actually responding to people on the forum.

    But only the same shit over and over again. Like we dont know.

    How about you address the actual problems at hand, we dont care about your excuses, we want to know when we can be expecting our orders and how when we make our orders everything says its ready to ship, then suddenly it changes without prior notice. Time to face the music, scammers.

  • I ordered a BMW M4 GT3 wheel on January 24th. At the time the Fanatec US site said the wheel was available and still shows the wheel is available.

    it is now February 19th and I have not received my item. If you chose to relocate your warehouse, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t ship sold orders from the warehouse they were in at the time of the sale.

    On Friday February 9th I got a glimmer of hope when I saw a tracking number from NXTPoint in Coppell TX appear in my FedEx app. That was 6 business days ago and FedEx still does not have my item to ship. I don’t understand how a shipping label was created 6 business days ago and my item has not been shipped. I can’t imagine it’s extremely difficult to pick an item in a warehouse, put a label on it and set it aside for FedEx to pick up. My only assumption is NXTPoint Logistics doesn’t have my item or do not know where it is in their warehouse.

    i’m hoping to receive my item someday, sooner than later would be nice.

  • So how exactly is the bundle ready to ship if the base is only open for pre orders?

    Jesus what a joke

  • My DD Extreme is coming back home to California. Just got the tracking from Texas with Thursday eta.

    It was exactly a week ago that it was handed over to warehouse.

  • Got notice from Fedex that my DD Extreme is due to be delivered tomorrow (Wednesday)

  • CLASS ACTION LITIGATION? Any legal professionals among us? I'm certainly not, but it seems to me that if this situation didn't merit a legal remedy, it certainly should. I came here hoping to somehow speed up the delayed delivery of my order only to be dismayed by the huge number of Fanatec customers in the same situation hoping the same thing. No one is getting anywhere here and my complaint will be lost in the pile - great...

    Well, here's my specifics for the record, and by the way - you cannot count my understanding for one at least, since there was no information TO understand when I placed my 2 day order on the 9th and STILL ISNT on any of Fanatec primary shopping web pages. Even though I'm subscribed to the newsletter, I had to come to this forum and stumble upon the news. Bullshit! I want what I paid for:

    So, any legal opinions? This whole situation could have been prevented by simply notifying US customers in advance of the planned change of address of your US warehouse. In light of its recent problems with BF orders followed by licensing delays, Fanatec SHOULD have CLEARLY NOTIFIFIED customers who would be impacted by your move on your shopping website in several places. 3 SNAFU's in row aren't snafus any more, in my average consumer opinion; they're a pattern of excuses to either defraud the public or to cover painfully inept business management.

  • RE: order # 1859750

    Guys, I have been very patient, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. All my items have been showing as available since January 3rd and the status changed from "Processing" to "Handover to Warehouse" on Feb 13th, after I posted an query publicly in a Comment on one of your FaceBook marketing posts and was told my inquiry would be escalated. WHEN WILL THIS ORDER SHIP?

    The really frustrating part of this is I've asked this question via email and all I get are generic, templated responses that don't address my issue. If you are so backlogged, then you should be more efficient, including with your answers to loyal customers.

  • You do what you gotta do; I'm sure they have their asses legally covered. If you think they like what's going on, tarnishing their brand and losing some repeat customers in the process, then I don't know what to tell you.

  • Ordered DD Extreme when it went online. Order number 1916xxx. Used order number as reference on Fedex website still nothing.

    I bought it very quickly bc I hope to get it early. Now what? Many other US buyers who ordered much later than me are getting it soon, but I got nothing?

    Any updates? @James

  • @james Everything I ordered on Black Friday according to the US website is available so where is my stuff?

    order 1836449

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