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  • East coast US dd extreme

    fed ex picked up the package last night around 5ish texas(7edt). Says delivery before 5 today!

    no tracking on fanatec’s site. Did the reference search.

    I’m the first East coast ship i’ve heard about so hopefully this is a sign more product is finally being released!

  • Does it show when your FedEx shipping label was created on the tracking? Can you let me know? I ordered on the Feb 9th and the label was created on the 19th but the package hasn’t been picked up yet by FedEx . I’m fearful that they miss-placed it.

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    Ordered dd extreme on February 9th, and the label hasn't even been created, let alone picked up. It makes me worried that they completely missed my order.

  • Originally pre order on 9/1/24 with web site showing availability 17/1/24. It change to 28/2/24 in less than 10 minutes, now the date changed to 12/3/24 (even later than the date showing 8/3/24 now on website) @Fanatec, how do you determine the availability date for each order,? How come the pre order on 9/1/24 will get an availability date later than those order now? Do your brain have any problem?

  • Still waiting on my DD+ pre-order from October, Guess I'm going to have to issue a charge back since it seems like I am never going to get it. Great company.

  • If it helps Howard I ordered an M4 GT3 wheel on 1-24 and received a tracking number from FedEx on 2-9 from the new Coppell, TX warehouse. As of today, 2-21, FedEx does not have my package to ship.

  • This is what I was afraid of. So I guess the package and/or the FedEx shipping label got lost in the shuffle? What steps have you taken so far to try to resolve it? Has anyone looked into it yet? Thanks.

  • Similar here. Was able to find the tracking number on my own and it's been in "Label Created" since Feb-15th. Seems like they're having trouble getting the boxes out and over to FedEx

  • I hope they are just late picking up and the orders are not lost in the shuffle. My label was printed the same day as others for the DD Extreme but didn’t get picked up that day (Monday) while tons of others were picked up. I read someone was waiting 2 weeks for another item in “label created” state but I would say that order was messed up by this time. I ordered with overnight shipping, by the way. If anyone who had an order waiting to be picked up by FedEx for a few days, and eventually was picked up, can you let us know? It would be reassuring. I’m worried that it will never update again.

  • where exactly is the tracking info, I can’t see any info on my order number, or even attached to the orders previously received. I now wonder if paying for overnight shipment be an option that they give you thing as how some of you guys had to wait over we can have just to get the package lost and shipment . I really hope I don’t have to deal with this for weeks.


  • Did you find multiple tracking numbers for the items? Usually they ship in separate boxes and can be tracked. They sometimes arrive on different days. But I have read that Fanatec makes mistakes as well. As I wrote above, I’m worried abt my own order which is in “label created” state on FedEx tracking for a while now.

  • this was including all 3 tracking numbers i was able to find through fedex.

  • I really cant believe that people that ordered on the 17th of Feb, are getting their orders on the 23rd. I ordered my shit on the 8th, i got the wheel, nothing else.

    No other tracking on FedEx, no other label has been created, i have received no updates whatsoever, everything i ordered was and is still in stock. I cant believe this company’s incompetence, 2 damn weeks waiting with no information.

    Stop lying to us. Fix your company. Communicate with your customers.

    I hate ever coming across this company

  • I've tried opening a contact support ticket 3 times, messaging them on Facebook and trying to contact James on this post and a DM. I've checked my Fedex order for updates, no updates are available. I put in my final attempt for a support ticket stating that this experience is becoming rather frustrating, aggravated with absolutely no communication from Fanatec. My expectations are based on product availability, promises on timeline for processing, and paying extra for expedited shipping. I understand my order may not be very important because it's on the low end for their products, only $900, but that's still a substantial amount of money for nothing in return. My support ticket was immediately answered because they are now automatically responding with a prompt saying:

    Dear valued customer,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    How long is the order processing or shipping time?

    On average, we require between 1 to 3 business days to dispatch your order. There may be additional delays in transit time, depending on your location, for example due to customs processing.

    You can find relevant updates from our couriers below:




    Australia Post

    Japan Post

    I want to change an existing order. Is this possible?

    Order modifications are not possible for technical reasons. If you order has not been processed, you can cancel it directly in your account and place a new order with your desired combination of items.

    You can find more information on orders or customer account questions via the following links:





    ⁎⁎⁎⁎ This is an automatic reply, please do not reply ⁎⁎⁎⁎

    Best regards,

    Your Fanatec Customer Support Team

    Their automatic response literally contradicts the order issue I'm having and now it looks like talking to a real human being is not possible. Order processing will take 3 days, yeah that's why I put a support ticket in lol. Its been 2 weeks.

  • Hey Howard - fyi i got my delivery date today, my wheel is delivering on Friday. Again the shipping label was created on 2-9 and I’ll get my delivery on 2-23. I placed my order on 1-24. My guess is Fanatec is getting things back under control. I’ve purchased a fair amount from them and never had this situation before.

  • i ordered dd+, qr2 pro, v3 pedals and f1 button stickers. What came last week was NO dd+. instead they sent me a mclaren f1 wheel, qr2 pro, v3 pedals and csl pedal set.... my dd+ is missing and i've heard nothing from any forms of trying to contact them and I don't know what to do 2 items were right and 2 were wrong. i don't know if i need to ship back and call my bank or if they can take the 2 items back and send me the dd+ and sticker set...

  • I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I encourage others to do the same. I have provided pages and pages and pages and pages of complaints about Fanatec from customers to the BBB as well as proof of validity of the claim.

  • I ordered a wheel on 2/18 that was in stock with a QR2 that was in stock. It was handed to the warehouse but so far it hasn't gone anywhere since then. I don't expect it anytime soon either since they said they're moving the warehouse from California to Texas. It'll be interesting if they change their policy and put both the wheel and QR2 together when shipping. I'll report next month when I probably will receive my order. LOL

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    i sent my BMW M4 GT3 wheel with the QR2 in for repair TX repair center someone signed for it on feb 5th after 2 weeks i emailed FANATEC for an update they say they never received it iam so pissed off i been emailing them for 3 or 4 days now and no answer THIS IS BS !!!!!

  • That's ridiculous! Make sure you save your copies that your wheel was received and signed for. You might need to use that as proof. I'm just at a loss for words and really feel for you. That's a $1500 wheel so they should be bending over backwards to make you happy.

  • I ordered the McLaren wheel and QR2 last Wednesday 2/14. I got them yesterday, so 8 days. I'm in CA

  • Well, color me shocked. My wheel AND the QR2 just arrived on my doorstep. My order info on the Fanatec site was never updated with a tracking number either. So, I ordered on the 18th and it arrived today, the 23rd. That's awesome!

  • order sent to warehouse on Feb 11 2 weeks later and nothing have sent e-mails but only got the generic auto response B/S their responses are none,how can i find out ??? this is friggin crappy customer service never again will place an order with this company. another customer lost!!!!!!!

  • So has anyone said if the warehouse move is still actively causing delays? I've seen several posts from people receiving shipments from Texas for orders placed after the one I placed on 2/12.

  • dude right, i ordered mine on the 8th and so far have only received a wheel and no other tracking info. but i seen people order on the 13th and got their order on the 23rd. i paid overnight btw

  • Any chance you have a QR1 in your order? I know the "Lite" is out of stock in the US and causing orders to be delayed. The QR1 is out of stock in the EU, but is still showing as "in stock" in the US. I have my suspicions that this is the reason.

  • My order from BF still shows as handed off to warehouse since 02/07/24. Everything still shows as open, no tracking numbers and no serials entered into my products page.

    I’ve seen people mention checking FedEx with the order number, but nothing ever shows up. Just checking, but are you entering the order number into the tracking number field or some other way?

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