Fanatec.... are you gone complete crazy?

My order from 10.01. shows the dd+ now available for my order on 11.03. If I order it new today availibility is 05.03.11. This is skizzophrenic......

What you mean with fifo???? Why Mr. Jackermeier told us, that the dd+ bases are here, only waiting for the license? Does he hear his own words? Enough is enough now.......


  • He probably meant the pre-ordered ones that should‘ve been sent in december and were sent last week PLUS the ones that belong to the DD Extreme…

    The availability dates in both your order and the shop are not reliable though. Availability means the earliest day to hand an order to warehouse. You can add 1 to 15 working days before it‘s being sent. My DD+ was sent the very next day, my PBMR needed almost 3 weeks.

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    Till yesterday I have had 26.02. as date, when I look at my order. Yesterday it changed to 11.03. That is not plausible in any way. Some people get the dd+ extreme soon after release. Mr. Jackermeier told us in an Youtube Video exactly, that they have the dd+ and only wait for the license (He said nothing about only december, and he said, of course nothing about the dd+ extreme, what I can understand) BUT HE SAID, THE DD+ were here. My Order was made BEFORE this Interview. This IS A ABSOLUT NO GO FOR A CEO. No "Handschlagqualität", what should we belive ever, what Fanatec is saying? There is a big ethical Problem not respecting the customers!!!! They never say the truth, and they are soooo intransparent and dont communicate anything, as they should. I have no Information from Fanatec, why the date hase changed 14 days. And if I will order the dd+ today, there is date of availibility on 05.03. In the shop. How can this date be bevore the date from preorder from 10.01.? How will you explain me that plausible???? What mission statement has this company????? I only can see some kind of great narzisstic behaivor and no real reflecting, what they are doing. And no real change in any kind of the dissrespecting behaviour. I dont know, how they can belive, this will not have big, big consequences, as time goes by.

  • The CEO bring the message to us ' Don't preorder any item from them anymore'.

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    Thats right!!! I will never preorder anything!!! That all is a not funny joke!!!!

  • Different human, different story.

    To not only feed the blamers. Also a company can make mistakes as it is driven by humans. You can not make it right for everyone. You all are free to cancel your order, which will result in someone else is getting his earlier. Fanatec does not everything right, but they did the communication good enough. All people asking the same question all over again won't make them faster.


    19.02.: Order of DD Extreme - Availability shown: 28.02.

    21.02.: Change of shop availability DD Extreme to 25.03. - Order availability shown: 21.02.

    22.02.: Handover to delivery

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    Thats nice for you, Mr. Winterle. But you should not draw conclusions from yourself about others!

    And dont call other people, you dont know, "Blamers". You dont have to tell me, how things work..... I am old enaugh to know a little bit, what is "normal"..... and what is continued unrespectfull behaivor. Things can of corse went wrong one time, two times..... but after more than half year of making same faults, I have to think this is no coincidence!

    Thank you for understanding

  • He will become one of the ‘blamers’ as he called us if his DD extreme have any problem and no response from the CS.

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    I was waiting for my Black Friday order since two weeks ago. I read the blog entries about the problems. Iam able to understand what is going on.

    Most important thing: I know that a rant post in a forum won't change anything.

    At least me as a not blamer will get my DD Extreme soon.

    Friendly and emphatic, getting his DD

    Ranting and angry, not getting his DD


    I mean if you are unhappy with Fanatec then move on. Hating companies did not work for ages.

  • No, I dont think, it will function as you write. Economy does not work this way. Belife me!

    Its simple. I dont want, that someone tell me things, that were not true! Nobody should do so, without getting a reaction. That has absoluty nothing to do with Empathie! Its a Question of Correctness! Give Respect - get respect... Its simple as that!

    I must not beg to get things for my hard earned money. We are not in "Planwirtschaft". If this will going on this way, you will see the Consequences as time goes by.

    We will see........ For ages companies, that dont learn from their faults, will run in big Problems.

    Dont use the word "hate"..... Hate is something verry different.

    And again: You should not judge someone, you not even know.

  • Look Wolfgang, I didn't mention you anywhere in my text and yet you felt addressed. The reason for this is that you were referring to yourself in your text. So in the end you seem to be of the opinion yourself that you are a blamer. 

    Otherwise you would never have reacted to it. I also don't react when someone writes something impersonal and doesn't address me directly by name. 

    I really don't care at all. If it helps you to vent your frustration in this forum, then go ahead. Ultimately, I just hope that, despite your maturity, you realize that this is a waste of time and energy. Go to a lawyer; go directly to Fanatec (you obviously live in Germany). At your age, you should have learned patience a lot (judgment because of your name). 

    And by the way, just because I call people by their behavior (blamer) doesn't mean I'm disrespectful. I also wouldn't call a tomato an apple because I see a tomato.

    I'll say goodbye to this enriching conversation now and wish you good luck and peace while waiting for your delivery. Keep in mind that it's just a luxury toy and not an essential for survival.

  • Mr. Winterle I wish you only the Best! Have a nice weekend! I wish you fun with your DD+ extreme. Please turn a round for me to..... 😀

  • this Philipp is an obvious example of a great fan of the FanaSCAM group


  • please you could be way worse i have been waiting for 4 months to almost 5 i have order nov 2nd and STILL NOTHING its crazy but if you are going to spam you are only going to hold up the queu so please dont spam so the worse issue's can be resolved

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