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    Go to the FedEx website, and under the Tracking option at the top, select "All Tracking Services". On that page, choose the "Track By Reference" option. Enter your order # as the "Reference #" . Then select your country and enter your postal code.

  • If you're entering it in a tracking number field and not in a reference number field, then you're in the wrong area. Track by reference/order number

  • Fanatec... This is getting ridiculous... I placed a 100% in stock order of the CSL DD BMW bundle on Feb 6th, on Feb 7th it was handed to the warehouse and I got 3 tracking numbers. But since that day, USPS still says that the package has not been handed to USPS. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks of a small, In stock order not being given to the USPS driver.

    Also, because the order has moved to 'Handover to warehouse' I cannot cancel, I am beyond disappointed with this company...

    What I also find interesting, is Fanatec are still running ads for the CLD DD bundle, I see them all the time. How could you be running ads for products you don't ship out? Ugh...

  • Please ship them in 4- 7 days. Or this is worthless!!

  • Order 1900642

    My order was canceled (I requested it), but I did not receive my money back.

    I sent emails but I didn't receive any response. Are you going to return my money or are you going to steal it from me?

  • Order 1900642

    My order was canceled (I requested it), but I did not receive my money back.

    I sent emails but I didn't receive any response. Are you going to return my money or are you going to steal it from me?

  • Order 1900642

    My order was canceled (I requested it), but I did not receive my money back.

    I sent emails but I didn't receive any response. Are you going to return my money or are you going to steal it from me?

  • Order 1900642

    My order was canceled (I requested it), but I did not receive my money back.

    I sent emails but I didn't receive any response. Are you going to return my money or are you going to steal it from me?

  • I made sure to get the QR1 Wheel side for that same reason, then 2 weeks later of waiting and the QR1 wheel side is now apparently out of stock. They just pick and choose which items they want at stock to sell and extend time with the BS same excuses.

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    Im in NA. I just checked my account again, the tracking number showed up in the orders section, but only for the package i received.

    I ended up receiving this in my email after they told me that my order was in the warehouse pending pickup, and i answered that if that was true i'd atleast have tracking numbers to go by with the labels created.

    Does this seem familiar? Lmaooo, the same BS @James said in this post. No other order information besides what we all already know.

  • These are shipped by FedEx, not USPS. Did you check with them?

  • I've commented in a couple of threads but this one makes me think I will never get the DD Pro order I submitted on 2/14. It want to "Handed to warehouse" but the company listed on the invoice is not the "new" one. They did take the money pretty quick but I think I will give them one more week before I cancel and go Logitech. Wouldn't you think that they would send a NOTE to all of the orders affected and/or update the Website with the information that James sent in the first post?? It's common sense to me, this just speaks to a company who cannot grasp even the basics of customer service.

    I was looking forward to the DD Pro but we'll see if I ever get it, not psycked to pay a bit more for the Logitech setup but at least I know I will get it.

  • The other thing I noticed here is that the invoice that they sent me has different numbers regarding the shipping costs etc than the actual one shown on the website. Again, speaks of some sketchy things going on. The company on the invoice is "ENDOR AMERICA LLC is a subsidiary of Endor AG - The Brainfactory", the shipping is a whopping $70.16 to ship to the East Coast. On the invoice on the website, shipping is four dollars more. FWIW, they charged my CC the same amount on the website which is one penny less than the invoice. Basic business sense says that all of these totals should be the same.

  • Is the NA warehouse still having issues shipping and fulfilling orders?

    Order has been in process for 10 business days for and item that showed instock and shipping in 4-7 days on website.

  • I placed two orders. One with LC pedals, V2.5 F1 steering and DD pro wheel base for Ps5 on Jan29. I received all products on February 20 which I was surprised and consider myself lucky it got fulfilled.

    Placed another order for Clubsport V2 pedals, only have tracking ID on Feb 23rd but not yet shipped from the warehouse. Just wanted to post here for others in this situation together.

    Any update about the situation in the US warehouses?? It would be nice if all our products shipped and were received!! Specially because the money has already been charged. : ( : (

  • Got my order. Ordered Nov-28, handover to warehouse on Feb-7, label created Feb-15, shipped Feb-21, delivery Feb-22.

    The 2+ months waiting for the dd+ pre-order issues I understand and sympathize with Fanatec on, was not the way they planned on it. I do think the announcement of the dd extreme was completely counter to what Thomas' interview was with Kireth and he should reconcile that.

    I hope the future for Fanatec regarding order management, logistics, and (most importantly) customer support continue to improve - as a first time buyer this has been an incredibly eye opening experience into the world of Fanatec and I will be watching with keen eyes towards competitors who will support PS in the future.

  • My order have 3 items (DD+, Podium button module Endurance, Clubsport Wheel Rim Sparco Formular) , now status handed to warehouse, but only 2 tracking numbers instead of 3 provided via email. In addition, checked the weight for one of the tracking ( the heaviest one which should be the DD+) just 8kg which not match with the weight as shown on the webpage. @Fanatec, please advise any thing wrong for my order shipment.

  • My BF preorder that was handed to warehouse on 2/7 finally shipped yesterday. Got notice from FedEx before Fanatec notice. So the TX warehouse apparently is working but not sure how slow normal stock orders will take.

  • Would anyone, preferably somone from Fanatec, be able to answer this for me. My Clubsport DD is needing a repair. I recieved notification from Fanatec that I would be receiving a shipping label from the repairs department about 2 weeks ago. A couple of days ago I recieved an email from FedEx for a shipping label. However there is no information what it is for. It is addressed to a TRISTAN LONG in Texas. Is this my shipping label for my Clubsport DD repair? There was a phone number on the label, which I contacted, that just sent me straight to a generic voicemail giving no further information.

  •  am still waiting and waiting for my order to be delivered in Massachusetts. Sad , upset fanatec could be a little more serious with their customers!

  • FANATEC, can we get an update please????? I work in an industry that experiences long lead times, but at least once a week I can reach my vendors over the phone and receive an update on ordered items. I mean, c'mon, you didn't get to where you are by ignoring the consumer now did you? Do your due diligence to the people and provide an update on their purchases please....

    You know, I put a little faith in FANATEC, even with all the controversy surrounding your company at the moment. Even with being “new” to the sim racing community I knew that I was taking a shot by purchasing your product. Some people have been waiting MONTHS, I’ve been waiting since Feb 15th. Order #1920623. You got your money immediately, and while I understand lead times on products and what not, for you to provide no update to your consumers is bad business in any sense. You don’t even take the time to address ANY issues the consumer is experiencing right now. What do you expect from the people? I’m still willing to keep my money in your hands at the moment, but for GODSAKE, respond to the people that have paid your salaries…. Give us just a bit of info on our investments. That’s right, it’s not just a purchase, it’s an investment and trust in your company. I’m sure many of these hard working folks see the beginnings of a giant sinking… Just saying, an update would be nice.




  • Perfect words John, you summarized everything we are feeling. I think there is such a lack of commitment that it makes me want to call the card company and cancel the order. But... I still hope that one day I will receive my products. Who knows one day …. Who knows one day

  • So I know that this may not help the majority of you who have been dealing with the shipping issues for months, but here is a current order and how it has gone so far.

    On February 29th, 2024, I purchased the GT DD+ Extreme and the ClubSport v3 pedals. I immediately received an email from Fanatec showing me that they had received my order. On Friday March 1st, I received an email from Fanatec that my order was being processed and it showed that it had been released to the warehouse. Yesterday Monday March 4th, I received a notification from FedEx that two packages had been picked up and should be delivered on Wednesday March 5th. I have been following the delivery with FedEx and it is currently about 3 hours outside of my city. FedEx should be able to deliver my items tomorrow. This means that it will be less than 6 days from my initial order to when I have the product in hand. This might give us hope that they have figured out their logistical nightmare at least for orders going forward.

  • Lucky you, specially with the DD+ extreme. Sharing personal experiences does help people and instill faith that some day they might get their order too. Fingers crossed on the logistic nightmare being over, still waiting on my V2 pedals.

  • Unfortunately, too many people (myself included) are still having order issues. They haven't figured anything out. You just got lucky.

  • Well then, I got lucky too. I had a qr2 come in about a month ago, and my extreme came in about a week and a half ago. The way I see it, the Black Friday orders overwhelmed or even glitched their system and it's taking a while to get it straightened out. No, not all black Friday orders are fulfilled but those orders are slowly being fulfilled. New orders for the most part seem to be moving somewhat smoothly (at least for Fanatec).

  • I requested my purchase on February 17th and I haven't heard anything back. My order is in the warehouse gathering dust. Did they forget it somewhere?

  • Who knows? Perhaps I just have better luck in this matter. I ordered a PBMR and a PAPM yesterday, and it will be here Thursday (even though it said 4-7 days to ship). I see the complaints and have read many of them, so I understand the stress people are going through. However, this is my third order in the last month, and they have gone off without a hitch. I'm in the U.S. if that makes any difference, and I also try to not to put too much in an order (certainly not anything combined with a pre-order).

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