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  • need to go out and purchase a lottery ticket with the luck that you are having with Fanatec. I ordered a GD DD Pro on 2/9 and 27 days later my order still says "handover to warehouse". This was an item that was in stock and supposed to ship 3-5 days after the order was received. Maybe I should just have you place my order and then send it to me from your house after you receive it. :-)

  • Yeah, it's been nothing but good. Of course, I still have the little matter of a podium hub. With all the problems I read about on here, I really don't like making a pre-order (but it is what it is).

    Too bad we live in this kind of world, or I would make that order for you.

  • Would reeeeeeeally like an update on the US warehouse status. Your post said things should be worked out by end of February, yet here we are one week into March. I get that you have a small team, and you bit off more than you can chew with orders, but how hard is it to keep a steady communication stream?

    This is my first experience with Fanatec, and at this point, I'm just hoping this GT DD Pro bundle isn't defective in any way, because that means I'll have to go another month in the dark before getting a resolution.

  • I have been waiting for almost a month on an order with no indication that there would be delay. I’ve inquired about this twice and got the same copy pasted response.

    “Thank you for your inquiry.

    How long is the order processing or shipping time?

    On average, we require between 1 to 3 business days to dispatch your order. There may be additional delays in transit time, depending on your location, for example due to customs processing.”

    This tells me that nobody even read my email because if they did, they would know that I was already aware of this and it hasn’t even left “The order is in process” part of the delivery. I had another package put in the same day and it was delivered with no issues. I have yet to receive a message of a delay and I’ve tried calling only to be on hold till I am sent to a mailbox that is full.

  • I just think we could somehow gather as many people as possible, as much evidence as possible and make a presentation on court or something. Because it seems like a large-scale crime to me. This is not normal . Collect money from all over the world and send some products. It doesn't seem right to me

  • with all respect !? I don't believe you, I honestly don't believe you. The whole world is behind schedule and only you receive the product on time? Unless you're from the fanatec family, that's fine!

  • I just received email from fanatec team after requesting updates that my order "got stucked". They claim it will be pushed through from in process to warehouse tomorrow. It is still ridiculous after waiting a month for any updates, on order that showed instock and shipping within 4-7 days, that there wasn't a way to get in touch with a representative earlier.

  • „The whole world is behind“

    Your view of the world seems to be slightly narrow…

  • While all of us are waiting for our orders, Fanatec is shipping new products to every streamer possible for product reviews. Well played folks!!

  • Exactly! It is the same shit show over and over again!

  • Sander DSander D Member

    Probably higher quality examples too which have been thoroughly tested. While many customers get products which are dead on arrival or fail after a few hours of use.

  • I’m new jus found this 3 weeks in. I see I have several more days to go for my dd pro. I read another thread about a better wheel than this one. Could you share this information im not sure if I’ll continue waiting or cancel and buy elsewhere

  • Anyone got their order fulfilled in the recent weeks?? I've heard US orders are getting fulfilled in 7 Days, or things that were ordered in bulk are getting shipped. Thinking of getting my money refunded through my bank and buying a pedal through e-bay or marketplace.

  • I can confirm that orders ARE NOT being fulfilled in 7 days. I placed an order on February 9th for the GT DD Pro, CSL Load Cell Pedal, CSL Brake Tuning Kit and the 8Nm booster. I am now at 32 days.

  • despite my order 1847063 of v2.5 x which did not arrive, I placed an order 1922911 again for a v3 crankset, a qr2, a kit and a shock absorber, everything was available! when paying the shock absorber changes to March 7! well ok I accept at the end two days ago it goes to April 11th. ??? without warning me!!! fanatec you are assholes with no respect for your customers! I am disgusted !!!!

  • Its absolutely shocking and disgusting that we don't have an update on this

  • I received an email this morning that the GT DD Pro 8Nm is now out of stock and they have no clue when they will have them in stock. I placed my order on February 9th when the product was supposedly in stock. 35 days later only to be told that it is out of stock. I requested a cancellation and refund. This dirty company will never receive a penny from me again!

  • WTF is going on with this. Is this still affecting orders that were placed around the time when the warehouse transition happened?

    I have an order that I placed six weeks ago with some ambiguous "Handover to warehouse" status on the website, no tracking information, and no packages received. For all I know, it got swiped by porch pirates weeks ago. But I'd never know because Fanatec's automated systems are garbage, their customer support is absolutely non-existent.

  • @James

    Track it by order number; my last three orders never got a tracking number. Fed-Ex is not going to just drop, you must sign for it.

  • My order consisting of V2 Pedals finally moved yesterday and got picked up by USPS from the warehouse. It was ordered originally on 9th February with a Label being generated on the 23th February. Will update this group when/if it gets to me.

  • @james

    PLEASE !!! help us, just tell us the truth about what's going on, why is it taking so long to deliver here in the US? I've been waiting over a month! Just help me with this please! 

  • @james

    Hi, I ordered couple of things on the site yesterday and upon review, it's written that it will be available on 30 april. But on the site it says ship within 4-7 days ??

    So is it possible to have a follow up on this ??

    My order is 1944365


  • I ordered on March 21. At the time the CSL DD had a availability date of March 27. As of today (March 26) I just received an email that the date is now April 30.

  • I bought the CSL DD bundle but did so by adding each piece to my cart individually at midnight on Thursday 3/28 and to my surprise my stuff was shipped exactly 24 hours later at midnight 3/29 and will be here Monday 4/1.

  • I'm trying to figure out what's going on with my order I ordered it February 23rd and it's been sitting in warehouse for about a month and a half almost 2 months and I'm just trying to figure out when I'm going to get my order the order number is 1924835 is there any way I can get some kind of information

  • I did this same thing!!! mine will be here in the morning instead of shipping next month for the preorders! we have found a loop hole

  • Seems like the delivery method has improved. I ordered 3 things on 31th March. Changes I have noticed from the previous two orders placed in February.

    1. Order shipped within 2 days of delivery
    2. Shipping through Texas now instead of Cali
    3. Order3 was shipped though Fedex and is being driven in as compared to orders 1 and 2 that were flew in and shipped through UPS and then Puroltar in Canada.

    I am in Downtown Toronto so location might be helping with the logistics. Keep faith guys and gals the situation is seemingly getting better.

  • Yeah still waiting on my order ordered it in February still hasn't moved order number 1924835 says it's been in Warehouse since a week after I ordered it and I ordered a lot of stuff on it trying to give them the benefit of a doubt a lot of people's told me to cancel my order but I'm trying to hold tight because there's that that many options for direct drive with PlayStation

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