CSR Elite belt system

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As some CSR E customers are a little bit confused about the new belt system, I would like to clearify a few things.

The new belt system is independent from the steering sensor so that the belts have no influence on the performance of the wheel on track.

The belts have no ribs and by can slip a little bit. This can also cause some noise which can disappear after a while. If you move the wheel over the steering axis limiter is is likely that the belt slips and some noise occurs.
Slipping belts are completely harmelss and do not have any negative impact on performance and reliability.

We could avoid this by increasing the belt tension on the motor belts but this would bend the motor axis and will cause more friction. This can in fact have negative impact on reliability. 

The belts tension is adjustable but this is only because we need this during production.

Do not adjust the belt tension by yourself!

Adjusting the belt tension is complicated and you can make things easily worse.


  • i have the ClubSport Wheel Base EU     a few days ago it started to make strange sounds Beltdrive slipping and FFB engine sound

    do you know what the issue can be ?
    and do you know the solution to fix it ??

    tnx in advance

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