Wreckfest Ps4 CSL Elite Settings

Looking for Wreckfest Ps4 CSL Elite wheel Settings.


  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
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    i went with dirt rally 2.0 settings with lower ffb.

    last i played i couldn't get in game wheel rotation to act right with the i real life wheel. there was a huge deadzone i couldn't het rid off.

    however there was a new update and I'll have to go again.

  • Great. Thank you. I got a friend using a G29 and said he was able to get the in game wheel to work right. I give it a try.

  • Done some messing with the settings. Happy as I can be. WRECKFEST SETTINGS.

    Wheels settings close to Dirt Rally 2.0

    FF 45 to 52

    SHO 100

    ABS 70

    DRI -3

    FOR 100

    SPR 100

    DPR 100

    BFR 60

    FEI 60

    In Game Settings.

    FF 26 TO 30

    SD 0

    SS 80 TO 85

    SS E 0

    SS P 0

    ACC S 90

    ACC D 0

    BRAKE S 80

    BRAKE D 0

    CLUCTH 41.

  • how about the sen, were u able to reconcile the in game wheel rotation to the irl wheel rotation?

    ill try these settings too, nothing else out there. we are looking at u tireless fanatec testers?

  • unfortunately these were undriveable for me.

    i couldn't get past the the steering bug to even try the meat of the settings.

    wreckfest and the dd1 for ps4 are not friends.

  • My wheel lined up great with the in game wheel. Got lucky I guess as others warned me about that. I had to put sen at 80 for it to work. 45 50 were undrivable for my Csl elite. DD1 must be a lot different. I only owned Clubsport 2.5 and now CSL Elite.

  • right on, i didn't see a sen setting so i skipped it and used dirt setting. I'll try again as its only the wheel rotations are not reconciled thats holding me up.

    fun game, i just like cockpit views and need the wheel rotations to match as it helps me better understand the what the steering rack is doin in reference to what im doing

  • @ sen 80 i have a dead zone, 45-50 was better for me, i am using the f1 rim too. 45-50 sen is twitchy, but its more usable than the grand canyon size deadzone. i think i will mess with the speed and sensitivity in game to try to tone the twitch down. im also gonna hand this title off to a friend with a thrustmaster to see how it works with his system.

  • for informational purposes i set the sen to auto and defaulted the in game settings, then i have been adjusting the Steering sensitivity and this has been helpful with the deadzone, im @ 50% and will up date with my final number.

    note: this is using the Rammer RS A273 level

  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
    edited November 2019

    i scrapped all of that, well most of it. as counterintuitive as it may sound, deadzone adjustment was the key. i went to Auto for Sen, then adjusted the in game steering saturation and sensitivity settings till the wheel rotations somewhat matched, but was super twitchy on the center point. so i added 5-10% to the deadzone and is smooth like butter.

    i will screen shot the settings, i have been hot to try the new forum features out.

    "Wreckfest , the Essence of Wreckness online experience!"


  • here is what i came up with, if any dd1 users have anything to add?

  • oh my! The deadliest car on wreckfest, is the one driven by a person who has APM's attached to their rim!

    From zero to hero as soon as i started using them.

    it was like a night n day difference , as if all along the wreckfest knew i had 3 clutches and was punishing me x3 for not using even one of them!

    no more, holding lunches at the line waiting for the punt!

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