Shifter reliability

I am looking at purchasing a shifter. The SQ V1.5 is near the top of the list due to sequential and H pattern in the same device. The point of this thread is to see some user feedback as far as the reliability goes with the version 1.5.

I have searched google, and seen that there are still problems, but as usual, happy users don’t post as prolifically as people with problems.

So, should I spend my hard earned cash on the SQ1.5, or just buy a sequential shifter somewhere else in Europe?


  • i have had one over a year now, its fine. im sure there are better options, but not that do both and operate in the ecosystem on all platforms.

    ill be looking at different products when i get a new PC , as fanatec is becoming a different animal lately.

  • A different animal?

    In what sense?

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    Shifter is fine. The only issue with some of them is that they report the wrong gates. It's definitely the best affordable pattern-shifter in the race-scene. SHH is good too. You've also Frex but that needs to be shipped from Japan. TH8A and the logitech ones are the bottom. If you really wanna go crazy there's always the pro sim-shifter of 1000+ euro.

  • Wrong gates would certainly wreck your race though.

  • So, if I were to purchase the SQ and the sequential spring broke, would Fanatec send me the parts to fix it free of charge whilst the shifter was in Warranty?

  • I had my ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5 since Sept 2014 works flawless each and every time, until 2 months ago I spilt some tea in the works it stopped working after that...I did a claim on my house insurance (New for old) now I have brand new shifter, I can't see why this won't last another 5 years and beyond. :) It's bult to last, besides that you have a great support team with Fanatec so if things go wrong (like they sometimes do) support will help ;)


  • I have had mixed experience with Fanatec support when I have needed it. From what I have read, there are still concerns.

  • the shifter, mine also misses gates and sometimes will select random gears , but is mostly solid.

    customer service wise in the sense i have had problems, had to explain a lil too much and have still not had reasonable resolutions other than it works as well as its going to work. i also get high fives for my work arounds to make it work and then they tend to want to walk away.

    the prw for ps4 is plug and play, but not all options /features work as intended. to which fanatec usually blames the developer rather than own it.

    you can see it all around, its not that they are bad at solving problems, its that there is a huge language barrier and have poor communications before and even now.

    get a North American tech support system, emails in the middle of the night and what not are bit doin it for me.

  • The shifter was ordered this morning.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • It is a shame it does not come with 4 M6 bolts for mounting to your rig through the base, considering the purchase price.

  • it is, but cheer up as it comes with that wierd hardware you are not going to use?

  • My current rig needs a base mount shifter, hence not going for the SHH.

    I feel a new rig would be good for 2020, but it will be DIY. I quite like the SimLab P1, but is is a bit expensive.

  • Hi, I have in fact been using the original shifter 1.0 since 2013 and is generally speaking ok but occasionally the 2 4 6 gears are not registering but this usually resolves itself after I have open up the casing from the top to clear the movement for the 2 4 6 gear microswitch with a wooden toothpick. I reached out to Fanatec support asking for the model and spec for the microswitch for me to look at eg replacing that myself but believe that or not to my surprise they don't have the info. They claimed they can only open an RMA case for me instead. Does anyone has any info or experience with the spec for the microswitch that the shifter 1.0 uses? eg. something similar to these?


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