Brand new DD1 has a slight knocking sound in certain corners.

Brand new DD1 with the Clubsport F1 rim. I upgraded from a T300RS to this.

Now in iRacing I have an issue where in some corners there is a slight knock sound in the piece which connects to the base to the wheel. What am I doing wrong? I did hand tight the golden ring as tight and I could, I now let it just lose with not much tightness like a toddler could get the ring off but it still does knock in certain corners and the max peak is only 10nm


  • Lucas,

    Is it really the connection between the base and the wheel, or does it feels like the wheel is 'jumping'? If its the latter, do you have the problem with certain cars only, or is it with every car? In this case, turn down the FEI setting, and see if it reduces/remove the problem.

  • Every car, In certain corners there is a slight knock sound in the column that connects the wheel to the base. I'm not running high force settings, im also running settings that are provided by iracing and fanatec themselfs

    Is this what the quick-release flex situation is about? (I dont know much about it)

  • Does this look right? Is the black rubber band enough depressed? Below are images of the front and rear point of view. It's now 'hand'tight. I did lose and it still knocks at certain corners

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    Have that also. I think its because the QR is not suited for the dd. We will have to wait to get the podium quick release and pay for the final product. A bit like a DLC. if you have 2 wheels you are looking at 350+$ for the upgrade

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