Confusion abound

Hi Guys! I am new here and have some probably really dumb questions I am hoping you can answer.

Back Story:

Bought the Assetto Corsa RS1 Sim Seat setup with all the fixin’s on Black Friday. Easy

Bought the Clubsport Pedals V3 and the Limited shifter on Black Friday. That was the easy part.

Now I need a Base and a wheel (Obviously) NOT easy.

Here is what I know for sure:

I want the DDR2 Base (Easy)

I want the Porsche GT3R Wheel

I want the Formula Carbon Wheel as well

Now after that I am totally confused..... Here are my 100 questions:

Does the DDR2 base come with a rim?

What rims are compatible?

It keeps suggesting Mounting Brackets at $249.00.... Do I need those? (If I do why aren’t they just included? I digress)

What is this Podium Hub they keep pounding down my throat in the configuration? I get it... but yet I don’t know if I need it..... what does it do in layman terms?

Do the rims come with a quick disconnect?

Or is that what the Podium hub is for?

If that IS what the podium hub is for, do I need 2? (One for the GT3R and the Formula Carbon)

Are the Rims I outlined above even compatible with the DDR2? If not out of the box... Is THAT what the podium hub is for?

Do the Wheel Rims come with paddle shifters? If so, what are these Podium Paddles for? Can I interchange them? Do I need to?

These are just the quick questions I have. Sorry if they are dumb, I am just having a pickle of a time with this configurator, and with prices as high as they are.... I would prefer to not buy something I don’t need, or worse leave something out that I do need.

Any help you guys can give to this n00B would be greatly appreciated. Hope to see you on the track soon.



PS: This is just for a PC setup. No Consols.


  • Luna LLuna L Member
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    DD2 does not come with a wheel.

    All wheels are compatible.

    Brackets are not for your Sim Seat rig but for the Fanmtec rig.

    The hub comes with the GT3R wheel if you take the Podium version, the Formula Carbon doesn't need it.

    All wheels have quick release except the CSL Elite P1 (and variants of it you can't get separately).

    GT3 Podium comes with Podium Paddles.

    Formula Carbon is not compatible with Podium Paddles, it has simple mechanical paddlles. Maybe you'd better get the newer version, Formula V2, that one is compatible. They are not included though.

  • So simply put: all you have to buy is ... ;)

    • DD2
    • GT3 Podium
    • Formula V2
    • 1 set of Podium paddles (for the V2)
    • and a handbrake?

  • Thanks Pascal. After banging my head a hundred times and reading your post I think I figured out what the flow is. The site is quite cryptic.



    Formula V2 (With Paddles)

    GT3 Podium

    Kill Switch


    Going to cross my fingers and hope that the thing mounts natively to the seat.

    Thanks a bunch for your help.

  • Yep, sorry, forgot about the kill switch, I have it as well, mostly for the on/off button it has.

    You’ll have the complete top setup there.

    I have something comparable but I need compatibility with PC, PS4 and Xbox so I need different hubs and I use simple mechanical shifters.

    I‘m collecting a few steering wheels now, have 3 so far, 2 on the way arriving next week and the week after and 2 more planned. ;)

    I switched from a CSL Elte setup to a Podium on a Simetik rig and it’s freakin’ awesome. Enjoy! :)

  • The kill switch is included with the DD2. You don't need to buy separately.

  • Guess that is why it wasn’t coming up as an option... I just added it manually, took it off now. Another “Need to be clear thing” on the website.

    Thanks for that Gary!

  • Didn't even know that. I have the Podium PS4, had to buy it separately.

  • I don't think many people realise which is why so many buy the DD1. The DD2 offers better value when you consider it includes a €120 5 year warranty and a €100 kill switch - the extra performance only costs €80, and you get the fancy carbon covers and don't get the tacky massive Fanatec logo on the side ☺️.

    The kill switch makes things much more convenient - just by offering remote power on and off. :-)

  • Indeed, but sadly no PS4 compatibility.

  • I am confused by the product description of BMW GT2 wheel. I cannot see quick release in the "what is included" section. Does this wheel come with a quick release also?

  • As you can see in the product pictures, yes, it comes with an included Quick Release, which is not exchangeable.

    For reference, EVERY ClubSport Fanatec Steering wheel comes with a ClubSport Quick Release.

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