Best way to contact Fanatec Support?

My Podium Racing Wheel has just died of the power button issue like the countless others, it won’t turn off the lcd screen, need to unplug it from the outlet in order to make turn on again, and once plugged in it automatically turns on even with the kill switch activated.

The problem is my purchase doesn’t appear on my account in order to send a warranty request. I’m in the USA if it matters


  • I've tried the contact form for the third time now in the last 3 weeks. Not even a conformation mail. I'm starting to think their support is just a myth.

  • mine has done this from the start, but always works again. hardly seamless operation as advertised, but as long as its working as normal after i cycle it i wouldn't bother trying to send it in till its dead for real.

    im obviously worried asf, but i have a receipt and im supposed to have a 3yr warranty, not a 9 month one that expires in 4 mo. so i can only hope this will work itself out and they will honor it,(hopefully). meanwhile im also waiting while posting about it for all to see.

    right Maurice!

  • I’m sending mine back because it was never like that and Thomas admitted on the GTPlanet forums that the power button issue was a real issue and that all effected wheels would be replaced.

    Well only place I could send an email was to the sales department hopefully they can send me in the right path.

  • Why don’t you call them ?

  • Yep, I called them and that started things right away, received great support.

    A few years ago I had a problem with my CSL Elite. I called them as well, they asked me to shoot a video with my phone and immediately replaced it.

    This time it was with an Xbox hub/wheel I damaged while installing and they're getting me the parts I need.

    I wonder if you guys buy in the US, who do you buy from. Do they have a distributor? If so that's who you should contact.

    For me here in Europe it's sending a support ticket with pics/videos and making a phone call. After that everything goes fast, I really can't complain about their support.

  • I buy all my Fanatec gear straight from Fanatec in the USA( website) The only problem for us in the States is the time difference that support sometimes feels like having a conversation with someone on planet Mars (slow af). We need local customer service in the future

    DomB is helping me get this fix, hopefully it doesn’t take until next year to get my new base

  • I have been trying to contact Fanatec via ALL published means and am being completely stonewalled. Every voicemail box is completely full.

    Local US number, nothing with ANY department.

    Germany number (calling from US), nope.

    Tried filling out their support page and it gets caught in an endless loop of "enter a subject or message" when both are filled out.

    FB, no reply.

    I have had no less than 50 in game crashes with F1 2019 and tried every known/published troubleshooting method with absolutely zero results. I love the product and want to RMA it but can't reach ANYONE which is completely frustrating. Podium DD1 PS4. Tried every driver, DirectX11 and 12 including exe rename. Tried running the exe in compatibility mode. Tried running the game in '-safemode'.

  • I ordered a shifter back in April still have not received it tried emailing, calling, no response they have had my money since then but cant get any answer from them. I am now hoping I dont have any problem with the F1 Wheel

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