Fanatec rant because my son keeps getting screwed by them.

Fanatec gets breached, our confidential CC numbers, addresses and who knows what else and no help.

Fanatec's forums gives away our full names., to some with common names that might not be important, but for some us, it is an incredible breach of privacy.

Fanatec continuously promises delivery, takes our money, then delivers a product, late, that plain and simple does not pass the most simple QA.

Mostly I am pissed because Fanatec does not give a crap, that they did not deliver on time for my son's birthday, despite having my money for month and again for this Xmas.

Why keep supporting a company that clearly does not have their customer's best interests.

I might be naive...

Maybe it is time to bring it time to the authorities including the FBI so they investigate what actually happen with the data breach, and the consumer's affairs agency in CA.


  • Never heard about this. I used Amazon to log in and pay. I was wondering why I could no longer do that.

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    I got a letter from them. They did not even offer for a credit monitoring program or even allowed me to change my account!

    I have had very similar experiences as the OP has had with the misleading delivery dates, horrible support and customer service.

    Fanatec was very dismissal of the entire thing. I will file a report with the FBI, I know it sounds extreme but they are the ones that deal with security breaches like this.

    Pretty incredible.

    Here is the letter I received, when I asked with specific details for what data got breached they told me CC and personal names in a dismissive way as if it was not important.

    Notification pursuant to Art. 34 GDPR


    Dear valued custumer,


    We are writing to you because you have a registered account on our online shop at


    We are always anxious to keep our IT systems up to date. Data protection and data security are not just empty words for us but have a high value for us. All the more we regret to inform you that our online shop of our company was compromised by a cyber-attack on 16.08.2019. In the process, previously unknown third parties gained access to parts of our customer database. In this context, personal data of our customers were disclosed to the attackers against our will.


    According to the information available to us so far, we must unfortunately assume that your account and the information contained therein was subject to the attack as well. We have already contacted the responsible public prosecutor's office and hope that the perpetrators can be identified quickly. We have also informed the responsible data protection authority in Ansbach (Bavaria) of the incident. We have also commissioned a specialist IT security company to investigate the attack and help us better protect our IT systems against similar attacks in the future.


    For security reasons, we have reset your password and ask you to follow the instructions for re-assigning a password. We also recommend that you change your password not only in our online shop, but also wherever you have used it again.

    IMPORTANT: Please keep the information contained in this email confidential. This reduces the potential for the hacker to be aware of our official communication, and gives affected customers a better opportunity to can take the necessary steps to inform their credit card providers.


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us under


    Yours sincerely


    Thomas Jackermeier

  • So in reading the "Important" portion of that email, you now may have screwed the rest of us in the future. I'm not saying that Fanatec shouldn't do their dead-level best to protect us, but you couldn't even keep an email secret. SMH

  • Really? How? Do you really think that Fnatec's hacking it is a secret in the hacking community? Fanatec's request to keep the email confidential is nothing but in their self interest. My personal data got sold and used, Fanatec did NOTHING. They did not even answer emails.

    The company that protects my identity alerted me well over a month before Fanatec sent me an email, all the while they kept it hidden.

    If Fanatec is nothing but interested in protecting their self interest. What more evidence do you need than a company that give displays your full name in a public forum without any means for you to choose how it is displayed.

    Shake your head all you want... let me know if you need some Advil 😂🤣

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