Possible to Purchase Replacement Knobs for Clubsport Shifter?

Ryan CareyRyan Carey Member
edited January 2020 in Fanatec Other


I recently had a move, and in the process I managed to somehow lose the knobs to my Clubsport shifter. I was simply wondering if it's possible to purchase replacement knobs? I know it's possible to purchase the limited edition carbon fiber knobs, but I would much prefer to purchase the original metal knobs. I've emailed the Fanatec sales department TWICE regarding this matter and I have yet to hear back from them. I'd really appreciate it someone from Fanatec could reach out to me. I'm debating whether to purchase a DD2 or not, but when the Fanatec sales department can't be bothered to even answer my emails it really puts a sour taste in my mouth. Hoping to hear back from someone from Fanatec. Thanks.



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