How do you make your DD1 wheel feel lighter without loosing too much fidelity and road feel?

I have recently downloaded driver 347 as recommended by Fanatec as the most stable. It's working perfectly now, apart from loosing some of the more advanced, but unstable features that 356 provided.

The problem is the wheel still feels heavy to turn with a decent amount of Damper, NDP and NFR needed to stop oscillation. If you then turn down FF, the wheel is lighter, but looses much of the fidelity and road feel. I'm down to FF 32 to 34 in ACC for example and it 's still too heavy on turning.

If I go back to using a higher FF setting to get more feel and increasing dampers to reduce oscillation, it is just way too heavy to turn.

Any suggestions would be welcomed?


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    Please downgrade to Driver 346 and the included Firmware versions or use a newer beta driver like 352 or 356 because driver 347 is NOT officially supported for DD because a lot of users reported bad ffb noise and other problems so it was rejected for DD users!

    Try the Dynamic Damping of FanaLab which reduces or even completely eliminates oscillations with the right settings. But in general, oscillations are partly normal and you should never drive without having your hands on the steering wheel anyway.

    Also, do not use too much DPR or NFR as both will cause oscillations with too high settings (in fact, use as less NFR as needed because Friction eats sooo much FFB detail... also DPR should not be used higher than 50 or 60).

    I use FF between 55-80 depending on the car and steering wheel used with an in game Gain setting of 60 (higher in game gain setting causes software clipping anyway). So maybe this would result in FF 60-70 in your case with in game gain 60. For me, it does not feel too hard to turn, its just perfect.

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    You can also try my ACC FanaLab profiles, I made car specific profiles for every car with perfectly fine-tuned dynamic damper settings so I dont get any oscillations at all.

    Note: profiles were saved with DD2 but can be adjusted for DD1 use. FF 60 for example in my case would mean max Torque of 15Nm. To achieve the same with a DD1 you would need to set FF to 75 etc. In ACC I use Gain 60, everything else, including in game dynamic damper!, set to 0 with frequency of 333 Hz.

    Also note that the profiles were created with newest driver (so with Interpolation, Linearity and Inertia) so I cant guarentee that they work with the old 346 driver and firmware which doesnt have these new features.

  • hi Maurice, thank you so much for your CarSetups! I tried some of them and the Cars feel amazing! Completely different to the recommendations and also to my settings :) One question, do you have, or do you want to share some other Settings for all of us, for example, Assetto Corsa (the old one) and maybe for DirtRally 2.0 and Formula 1 ???? That would be awesome for all of us!

    Would be happy to hear from you. Stay healthy and have a great weekend!

  • omg, i found your other created thread for car setup sharing :) F1 included, nice, thanks again!

  • Thx for your words, glad you like them :)

    As I dont know exactly how old the F1 profiles of the other thread are, I have attached my actual ones again here.

    Unfortunately I dont have car profiles for AC, that game has far too many :D

    And as DR2.0 is not fully supported by Fanalab yet I also only made one generic profile, also attached.

  • HolyMoly, the Dirt2.0 settings are fantastic, my Hands are still shaking 😂

    Also F1 is working like never before!

    You saved my next weeks of HomeOffice 😂

  • Thanks Maurice, much appreciated. I was using 352 and 356 before, but my DD1 bricked and it had to be replaced. I understand everyone is saying it can't be the drivers causing this to happen and it is just the hardware. Is that the case, as I'm just nervous about using 356 again, along with Fanalab. What do you think, is that true?

  • Can't wait to try your settings too. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Thank you for sharing. 😍

    From the 5 profiles for each car, which one should we actually use?

  • There is only 1 profile for each car.

  • Well, used the setup from Maurice in my DD1. Man! In a simple test drive I reduced my best time 1 second and was able to consistenly lap at my previous best time.

    This opens a question: what is more important, the FFB setup of the whell or the car setup.


  • Hi Maurice and thanks for the profiles.

    as I am new with all that stuff, how and where shall I load those profiles to use them???

    Thanks in advance.



  • Eric you need to import the settings into FANALAB.

  • Hi Hans, did you try v356 again and what was your experience with the new base? I'm asking since my base bricked too and a new was sent to me with firmware from v347. So I know I need to either downgrade to v346 firmware or upgrade to v356 (to be able to use my Podium Porsche wheel with the Podium Button Module Endurance).

  • Hi Jacob. Yes, got my new DD1 and now using v346 as recommended by Fanatec support. It works great. They told me not to use 347 as 346 was more stable.

    I think I'll wait for a stable complete new version before upgrading beyond 346 and I'm not that keen on Fanalab, as it doesn't add much benefit.

    I'm mainly using Raceroom Race Experience and the new Automobilista 2 Early Access and it's fantastic!

  • Maurice thank you my friend ! You really saved me .. This settings they recommend was terrible ! Do you played Project cars with the DD2? I was looking a config but nothing

  • I tried your ACC-profiles and love them!

    I downloaded your Dirt Rally 2.0 profiles and wonder if you have recommended In-Game settings for them?

    Thank you Maurice for providing us with excelent ffb-profiles, a real game changer!

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